band of brothers: 4 trocas, 4 saLsas

You heard me: 4 trocas, 4 saLsas — though whether or not saLsa azuL wiLL earn a permanent spot in the line-up is stiLL out on jury. And I’ll expLain why in a minute.

First we gave birth to our saLsa roja:

SaLsa Roja’s the badass of the bunch. He’s loud, he’s extroverted and you can hear him yammering aLL over the tacos, burritos and kimchi quesadiLLas. He’s not afraid of his Korean or Mexican roots and you can taste it in the chiLLies he carries inside him. But even though he never knows when to stop taLking, he’s reaL easy to love. There’s a reason why Papi first caLLed it his Magic Sauce: SaLsa Roja’s definiteLy the one who brings life to the party.

Then SaLsa Verde hitched a ride onto our bLackjack quesadiLLas – inspired by one bombass summer road trip.

SaLsa Verde’s the meLLow one of the bunch. If you were to see a posse of dudes chiLLin at the back of a dive bar, he’d be the big, siLent-type towering over his friends, toking a bLunt in the background. He never says much, but when he does, it’s powerfuL. You can find his emuLsion of roasted jaLapeños, citrus and garLic oiL smothering the bLackjack quesadiLLas and tofu tacos. He may not be the one driving the conversation, but you’LL aLways remember his presence. He’s the bass to Roja’s lead guitar.

After summer faded into faLL and rained on into winter, Papi gave birth to a littLe sunshine with SaLsa Naranja:

SaLsa Naranja: this week you see him making a guest appearance on our morning speciaL, but you can find him every week on our new caLamari tacos. (S’damn gooood! >_< ) Naranja’s a sunnier expression of Papi’s whimsicaL side. Imagine the affabLe, personabLe weirdo sitting at a tabLe fuLL of beach hipsters, lawyers, security guards and former senior cLass presidents. The deep space nine of his mind may aLways be hopping from one gaLaxy to another, but the rays of his gaLactic sunshine and daisies wiLL charm the hearts of anyone he comes across. His coLLection of Thai bird chiLLies, fresh-squeezed orange juice and Thai basiL make this sweet, savory bLend a littLe something that’s hard to forget.

The latest to step up to the pLate is our SaLsa AzuL — and he’s having probLems with authority, so enjoy him whiLe you can:

SaLsa AzuL: by himseLf, he’s an abrasive, misunderstood punk who can sometimes come off as a douche. ALone, off-the-bat, you might have a hard time deciding whether you like him or not, whether or not you shouLd give him a chance because you’re having the hardest time figuring him out. BLueberries, opaL basiL, ginger, soy sauce, habanero and red onions are fLavors that are hard to miss in a crowd — especiaLLy when they come together. On the fLipside, though, this sociaL misfit pLays reaL weLL with the kids. In other words, when he’s near other food items, his songs suddenLy make sense, his abrasiveness becomes but a desperate cry for human connection and suddenLy you reaLize that he’s not angry, but FRUSTRATED that no one wants to taLk to him when he comes to the party. I’d say to give him a chance because you’LL probabLy never taste anything like him ever again.

I’d recommend for you to hop on a truck and give the limited edition BLue Moon MuLitas (w/ griLLed onions, chicken and cheese) a fist bump before he figures that no one likes him anyway and he decides to baiL.


So hang with the famiLy, the band of brothers that rides aLL our tacos, quesadiLLas, burritos and sLiders down inter yer guLLet.


Who knows? Maybe you’LL find love and monogamy with one particuLar hermano, or maybe you’LL figure that you need a new fLavor every other week to keep things interesting.

In any case, whatever you decide, they’LL be here, on the trocas, fixing to have their own party. ALways. (Except for maybe SaLsa AzuL. You can never trust punks these days.)

Love, tacos and a rainbow of saLsas,


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    cute. insightful. entertaining. yummy. adorable.
    yay aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

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