Once a week, Papi, Natasha and I go on a littLe reconnaissance mission.  A littLe dietary scouting, if you wiLL.  Last week, it was the SGV.

LittLe known fact: Papi may know K-town inside and out, the best pLace to get some buche or aL pastor, or where to go to get the best pLace to eat a reaLLy great duck confit for under 30 doLLars — but when it comes to Chinese food, he’s unfamiLiar with most of what lies outside LA’s Chinatown.

As for my own knowLedge of Chinese food –  I just know that I generaLLy like it. Thass aLL.  I’m not going to go aLL anthropoLogicaL on y’aLL cuz one — I don’t have the goods for it, and two — I just find it reaLLy  annoying.

I don’t like it when eating great food is framed as a NationaL Geographic excursion. Why dissect, transLate and interpret something that isn’t a part of you or something you’LL never 100% understand because you weren’t born into it?  And, let’s be reaL, here: YeLLow American bLoggers can be just as guiLty of this as White Americans on TV.

No need to have someone teLL you if something is good or bad, or how to eat this properLy or how to eat that the right way — or what region of this littLe known viLLage of this littLe known province it came from and how it was popuLar for the emperor’s bastard chiLdren in the 14th century.

JUST ENJOY IT, mmmkay?

So, anyway, we chose a Taiwanese (ok, not technicaLLy “Chinese,” I know)spot that I think is caLLed SinbaLa.

Papi perusing the pictures. (Cuz it’s hard when you don’t know how to read!!!)  <– PLEASE know that I’m kidding.

They had a lot of sausages to choose from.  I think it was their speciaLty.

So we got a pLate of sausage rice. I don’t know if I have to name every singLe thing on the pLate since you are aLready eating with your EYES, but just know that it was DERCIOUS, mmmkay?

The rice was nice and sticky — which was cooL cuz it totaLLy absorbed aLL those meaty juices and thick brown sauces, and the scrambLed eggs were SO DAMN FLUFFY it must’ve been made from angeL poop.

And eating the rice pLate made me reaLize how much I friggin love canned corn.

I know that we, as Americans, are on a new organic, minimaLLy-processed dietary sLant, but perhaps I can’t ever change what I, as a chiLd of immigrants, have been sociaLLy engineered into craving: canned vegetabLes.  Canned meats aLso rank highLy on that list.

But yeah — the bright medLey of canned corn, peas and carrots somehow add a dash of sunshine to any dish. And, most notabLy, this pLate of sausage rice.


Taiwanese peopLe, you’re so friggin weird, I RUV it! Your dietary quirks amuse this homegrown, LA-raised KA.  It was the “Sausage w/ ChocoLate” that first caught my eye, but dammit if that “Sausage w/Lemon Sauce” doesn’t sound like a treat for a very speciaL occasion.

We aLso got the spicy beef noodLe soup, which wasn’t very spicy to me. StiLL the broth was AMAAAAAAZING.  It was super dark and deepLy fLavored, but it wasn’t oiLy or heavy at aLL.

SinbaLa: how you do that?

Afterward, we went to the supermarket to see the animaLs. PartLy because the nearest aquarium was miLes and miLes away and wouLd have charged us 20 bucks per head.

Look at the fishies!!!  Oh, wait.  They’re DEAD.

Turn away, chiLdren.  Turn away.

On another note, the froggies were very much aLive and onLy $3.49 a pound!  😀

They were quite large, so buying an entire famiLy of froggy deLight might set you back 20 bucks or so.

Anyway, thass aLL for now!  TiL next time…

Love and tacos,


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  1. Kristel says:

    That sausage plate looks yummy. Looks like Hawaii food!

  2. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    YES! That sausage rice pic made my day…well, it’s been kind of a slow day but nevertheless, quite delicious looking…

    oh and thanks for reminding me to renew my subscription to
    national geographic!

  3. m2 says:

    Since they have peanut powder, wonder if they can do a sausage, peanut butter and jam concoction? Oh that’s just wishful thinking…

  4. lee says:

    You have to try their shaved ice! It’s the best, :). Next door, Bin Bin has really good drinks too, :).

  5. contagiousmindz says:

    Sinbala has really good food. I’ve been there over 10 times. You should try their chicken leg meat rice really delicious. As lee mentioned their shaved ice is superb.

  6. Josie says:

    Sinbala is near my house! I really like this place… they have some interesting sausage dishes.. yum!

  7. linda says:

    they make some real yummy shaved ice..

  8. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    KristeL – doesn’t it, though? Now I have somewhere to take you when u get homesick, come this March or so…

    SLeepyhead – yes, indeedy!

    m2 – you are genius. Now I know what to make for our BattLestar Garractica party: pb&j SAUSAGES.

    lee – we had their shave ice, too! And it was goooooood! There’s this brown syrupy stuff that tastes like burnt carameL. I don’t know what exactLy it was because it wasn’t on the menu description, but it was gooooooood. Made the ice taste aLL toasties.

    contagiousmindz – chicken leg meat rice, as opposed to chicken leg on rice. ahahaha. how’s the chicken cooked? does it come with a secret sauce or is it roasted?

    josie – i love all their littLe Mashimaru’s aLL lined up against the waLL. super cute!

    linda – i know – and now I’m gLad that I can testify! i like how you get to choose which 4 toppings you can go with. next time I’m going for fLan in lieu of taro baLLs.

  9. ben says:

    duddde…. i live in this area and i eat at sinbala all the time…. YOUSHHHHHHH. i’m away for college right now, but when i get home for winter break, i’m definitely hitting up the kogi truck and sinbala restaurant….yoush… is the truck gonna be in sgv anytime in the next week or so? please please!

  10. Kristel says:

    I look forward to that and hopefully buying you some pretty things as well 🙂

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