letter of concern: credit card machines

*Dear Abby Aliiiiiiiiiiiice,

I’d like to express my frustration I had today at your truck by the yahoo center at lunch. I’d like to consider myself a loyal customer. I’ve been about ten times since I moved to LA in September. I love your food enough to tell others and make them come with me.

Now, the past two times(besides today) that I came to one of your trucks I was able to use my debit card if spending a certain amount. Today, when I came, I didn’t bring cash b/c I fully expected to be able to use my card again. Well, after waiting over 30 minutes in line, I was not able to order b/c I couldn’t use my card at this truck.

Are there certain trucks that take cards, and others that don’t? If so, why would you do this?  I’m not frustrated b/c I didn’t get to eat some of my favorite tacos. I’m frustrated b/c an hour of my time was wasted by your company b/t traveling to and from work and waiting in line.

*Frustrated in Santa Monica

*Name has been changed to protect anonymity.

Dear Frustrated in Santa Monica,

First of aLL, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a fist bump every now and again in times of hunger.  It doth make me happies to see peopLe try KoGi for the first time — and you can just times that by 10 when I see reguLars and famiLiar faces.

Second of aLL, I hear ya.  Inconsistency is not easy to deaL with — especiaLLy when you’re hungry and especiaLLy when you’ve been waiting in line for a good whiLe.  It totaLLy sucks and I totaLLy feeL you on that one.

“Are there certain trucks that take cards, and others that don’t? If so, why would you do this?”

Are there certain trucks that take cards?  ::pause:: YES.

Why wouLd we do this?

That, my friend, isn’t exactLy the correct question.  The correct question wouLd be a “why” and leave it at that.  Asking “why wouLd you do this” impLies that we do it on purpose to mess with you — and we so totaLLy DON’T.  Yes, it’s a given that when it comes to the trucks, nothing is ever compLeteLy consistent.

With traffic, HD, cops and other fun tumbLes on the road — things happen.  Engines break down, we arrive 20 minutes late, etc.  I mean, it’s a taco truck.  Stuff happens.

But just know that no, no, no — we so totaLLy didn’t intend to waste your time, and I’m sorry you had to wait so long in line onLy to find out that you couLdn’t pLace an order.

Here’s the deaL: once upon a time, we had a credit card machine for every truck.  And it was good. Up untiL summer, it was a cash-onLy business.  Of course, when you’re on the road every day at muLtipLe locations — stuff happens.  Machines get busted in the heat of battLe.  They expire after being tossed around too many times.  One by one, they began to die off.  And it was bad.

So, for now, the onLy surviving credit card machine exists with AzuL’s dinner run.  WiLL that credit card machine be joined by its brethren in 2010?  Let us hope.

TiL then — we are open to possibLe soLutions:
* MAYBE if this happens, we can have the managers fire the food whiLe that person runs to the ATM
* Maybe we can train AzuL managers to use extra TLC with the existing credit card machine.  Who knows?  Maybe if it lasts untiL spring break, my sister wiLL reconsider investing in some more.
* We did write on the site that onLy AzuL dinner is taking credit cards, but maybe we can try and see if we can make that statement BIGGER and…BETTER.

We are DEFINITELY open to suggestions.  Just know that we hear you and we’re sorry that it happened.  To be honest, it’s just that we’re juggLing so many things at once that sometimes it’s hard to remember to notify on aLL fronts every mechanicaL breakdown or setback.  Of which there are MANY.

(( H U G ))  HopefuLLy we’LL be abLe to feed you again!  Just remember to bring cash next time or, if you’re a reguLar for a particuLar manager, see if you can sweet taLk him into putting in your order whiLe you run to the ATM.  Like an open bar tab or something.


Love and tacos,


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  1. liz abbott says:

    first off! love your food. i just wish you’d come to long beach!
    but anyway i have a suggestion for you! i do craft shows and can no way afford to have a regular credit card machine. however!! i can accept credit cards!! through a site called propay. all you do is register for like $30-40 a year and then at the end of the day you go online and process your cards. there are fees with each transaction (a small percentage of the total) but maybe if you took cards you could charge $.50-1.00 to use it.. or not. as for equipment i use a knucklebuster and charge slips (so old school, yo!) but they do have a small reading device for like $120 that the cashier could keep in their pocket, therefore eliminating the possibility of damage by being thrown around the trucks.
    so i hope this helps. and if it does, show your gratitude by comin to lb!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Yes – PLEASE come to Long Beach!

  3. Amber says:

    Maybe you could make signs for each truck, large, laminated ones hung so that they are highly visible. CASH ONLY or with the credit card logos accepted on the truck with the machine. Then people know before they get in line.

  4. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    liz abbott – thanks so much for the suggestion! is it easier to use than credit card machines???

    kyLe – whoa. this looks like the wave of the future. i love how the receipts get forwarded through text and email.

    steve – it’s a bit of a trek, but we’LL come back around your neck of the woods SOONISH. aLso, there’s some extra permitting issues that we might need to reappLy for, so give us some time!

    amber – i like the way you roLL. that’s usuaLLy how we do things — big laminated signs. it isn’t fancy, but gets the job done. let’s see if we can impLement that soon enough.

  5. liz abbott says:

    OMG!!! Square looks amazing!!! i’ll be doing that once i get my iphone!! but if you do look into propay it is super easy. as long as you don’t lose your cc slips and don’t forget to get someone’s zip (for some reason if you don’t have the zip you are screwed for getting payment) it is super simple. i haven’t tried the card reader so i don’t know how easy that is but at $120 a pop (or about $40 for a knucklebuster and some slips) it sure beats $850.
    now.. since you won’t be in LB yet, i’ll be seein naranja tonight!

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