GANGSTA STOP #23: Santa CLarita’s VaLencia Hyatt

First of aLL, I reaLLy, reaLLy, REALLY want to thank everyone who came out last night.  EVERYONE — from the 400 peopLe who ventered in from every corner of Santa CLarita VaLLey to Luis and his crew for staying out there tiL 3AM.

If y’aLL don’t aLready know, Luis’s 10-12 hour shift normaLLy ends at 1AM. But for the peopLe of Santa CLarita, he, the Roja crew and Papi gave it everything they got tiL our trucks had nothing to give no more.  So HUGE THANKS to Luis and his crew.  They truLy are amazing.

I’m so sad I didn’t make it out there, last night — but let the Twitter foLks give you an idea of what went down. Read cLoseLy and you’LL start to get a vague idea of what makes a gangsta stop a gangsta stop.

GRASHUS for coming out, y’aLL.  Making you peopLes happies makes the extra gas, miLeage and wear and tear on our poor Roja more than worth it.

That said, I’m pretty sure that this dude is not the onLy one that experienced this.  First of aLL — I’m so sorry you had to experience that. I know it’s getting coLd out there, I know!  We need to figure out a good cuddLe system so strangers can come together for the primary purpose of generating body heat.  IT CAN BE DONE.

Second of aLL — line-cutting is NOT cooL. This is something we’ve witnessed at Diamond Bar, as weLL and something we’LL be addressing on an upcoming vLog I’m stiLL cutting.

Since the staff is 1,000% focused on taking orders and cooking their arses off, aLL I can do is leave it to the peopLe: use some common sense and common courtesy. It reaLLy sucks for the peopLe standing in line for over an hour to have a bunch of peopLe just jump in front of them at the last minute.  NOT COOL.

And, as much as we love SCV, if we get a lot more emaiLs or tweets about this going on, we might have to truck on eLsewhere.

KoGi gangsta stops are aLL about good times and making do with what we’ve got. Working with each other.  Figuring out how we can make it through the stop together.

But if it becomes a space and a pLace where the dark underbeLLy of the wiLd, wiLd west reigns supreme, we might have to move on.


HOLY SH*T!  AHAHAHAHA.  Now THIS, peopLe, is truLy the KoGi way of passing time in a line.

For those of you who are unfamiLiar with Ninja, here are some cLips to give y’aLL an idea:

So yeah — if you’re not into picking up on dudes or ladies, perhaps Entering the Dragon with a game of Ninja is, pLay by pLay,  The One True Way.

Y’aLL are rockstars.  I must remind aLL our late night KoGi fans to bundLe up like Eskimos.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.  I feeL reaLLy badLy about this. The best I can do in this situation is to ask the managers to cut off the line earLier if they think that they’re going to run out of food before reaching the end of the line.

HopefuLLy we can mend that wounded heart the next time around!

(( H U G ))  Thank you, thank you, thank you two sooooooooooo much for coming out. You both went baLLs out onLy to have us have nothing to offer you at the end of the day.  SeriousLy, we know how that feeLs.  1,000%!

There are days when we get the whoLe staff amped up about this reaLLy cooL spot, we pack extra food, put some more gas in the tank, roLL up and then — to have it aLL shut down in 5 minutes!  You have no idea how sad the truck gets when they’re ready to go, but there’s no one to serve.  And to have to face being cornered with the law on top of that as weLL.

I truLy feeL you on this one and, reaLLy appreciate that you came aLL this way for us to feed you.

I couLdn’t have put it any better myseLf.

So my cLarion caLL for Santa CLarita and especiaLLy for aLL gangsta stops in the future: You give us 100%, and we’LL give you 1,000%. We’LL make do with what we’ve got, we’LL caLL for backup if possibLe and need be, we’LL work our fingers to the bone for a few extra hours beyond our capacity — in the kitchen, just know that we’ve committed ourseLves to to stay in the trenches.

When it comes to the kitchen, manning the insides of the truck — we’ve got you covered.

But we need for you to cover us too.

In the heat of battLe, we need not onLy your patience and your wiLL to wait it out — but we aLso need for you to turn to each other, taLk to a stranger, work things out. If peopLe are cutting lines, we need for you and like-minded foLks to figure out how to prevent or deaL with that kind of behavior.  If there is a crowd controL issue, we need for you to put your minds together and think of a way to soLve it.

We are doing the best we can to give you everything we’ve got from the inside of the truck. And now we’re asking you to heLp us out in giving us everything you’ve got when it comes to handLing the KoGi cLan outside of it.

And maybe, in the end, you’LL figure out what exactLy it is that makes a KoGi gangsta stop truLy gangsta.

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to GANGSTA STOP #23: Santa CLarita’s VaLencia Hyatt

  1. Nick says:

    The people who mentioned that they left “empty handed” didn’t leave because the truck ran out of food. I recognize them from their Twitter pictures. They were in front of me in line and they left before they got to the front.

  2. NomNomNom says:

    Thanks for the GANGSTA STOP!! It was…. wait for it… LEGENDARY!!! Line cutting is booo not cool. I hope it’s just the fluster of Kogi Virgins?!! We heed your warning!!! we sowwy. please love us. ^_^

  3. MovieDriver says:

    I see you got my Tweet above. Feel free to use my tweets and share any way you want. The food was great, the line was crazy. I think because this was the first time you guys came up. Do it more often. Next time park at COC, more room. This is the college parking lot just down the Valencia freeway exit. Great time can’t wait until you come back.

  4. Peter says:

    Thanks for coming to the SCV! I finally got some Kogi. I waited in line for 3 hours and my feet got numb from the cold… but it was some dank food!

    Santa Clarita again soon!

    PS. The line cutters were trying to stay warm in their cars. I bet there wouldn’t be line cutting issues in nicer weather.

  5. avena says:

    I was standing in line in front of a big group of line-cutting guys. They had one super big guy go to the front and order for everyone else. He brought it back and made me sad they were eating yummy tacos while I waited extra long. I would have liked to say something but I am one small shy girl and they were half dozen really big loud guys. They make me sad.

    Well I drove down from Palmdale and had to be at work at 6am so I had to leave at 12 before I got any grub. Still had a long drive back. I’ve had Kogi many times before (Eagle Rock, J Town, Rosemead and San Dimas!). I will try again next time you come to SCV!

    Sure was hungry, mad at line cutters, and very cold at the end of the night, but love you guys anyway.

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  7. A says:

    Thank you so much for coming to SCV. Love the taco. Thank you for living up to the expectation.

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