DocuVLog Numero DOS: BERFDAY!!!111one

So much love and appreciation goes out to the staff that’s stuck by us this whoLe year, the peopLe who have traveLed hours just to wait another few hours in line for our food, the Twitter foLLowers, aLL of Los AngeLes County and, most recentLy, the OC.

It’s been an amazing year and the onLy way we know how to thank y’aLL is to ceLebrate it.


Love and tacos,

P.S. And much love to G for editing this video together!!!  Grashus for making a few pennies look like a miLLion bucks.


0 Responses to DocuVLog Numero DOS: BERFDAY!!!111one

  1. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    Again, a very Happy Birthday/Big Congrats on everything – the food, the fun, the vibe, the chaos, the kogi-osity of it all!!!

    Now back to work you!

  2. Shaner says:

    Oh em gee what an awesome day!

  3. choopi says:

    Ahhh love it I’m in the vlog lol awesome!!

  4. armanisuit says:

    Happy Birthday Kogi & crew! I can’t believe its been a year. Just wondering if having a restaurant location (other than Alibi) is in your plans? If so, my vote goes to the Eagle Rock area!

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