PARK IT: KoGi Photo of the Day

Just in from Papi — this KoGi foLLower from Yahoo Centers got a parking ticket whiLe we were out there and toLd him, “It’s worth it, man!”

To be honest with y’aLL, I was feeLing BEAT this morning.  BEAT.  But one look at this photo totaLLy made my day — because it reminded me that this is what it’s aLL about.  ^__^

You aLL make getting chased out by cops and eating $80 parking tickets on a reguLar basis more than worth it.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, peopLes.  May the force be with you.

Love, tacos and parking tickets,


0 Responses to PARK IT: KoGi Photo of the Day

  1. Big E says:

    He is still smiling…I love it.

  2. eduardjm says:

    Hey Alice,

    I got a ticket a while back too! I got it while stopping at the LA Mart in downtown while dropping off a friend to go buy the tacos =( I took no picture, though…

  3. AP says:

    Nice pic! Good product placement! It IS worth every bite!

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