KoGi SpeciaL: Get Your Dose of PMS

…cuz it is that time of the month.

Persimmon Mandarin Sesame Sausage Tacos — 2 for $5.

The sausage heLps satisfy that craving for saLt and hot fat whiLe the mandarins and persimmons satiate that sweet tooth.  Sesame leaves and sesame seeds baLance out the vices,  leaving your gut to its own devices.

And when each is cradLed by the soft hug of two fresh, tender corn tortiLLas, you come to reaLize that there’s not reason why you need to stay mad at your ma, irritated with that parking ticket or resentfuL towards the roommate who never pays the biLLs on time.

Why?  Cuz it’s just you, KoGi and your PMS taco.

SPEAKING of tacos…

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to KoGi SpeciaL: Get Your Dose of PMS

  1. Wendy says:

    So damn good…
    worth the 45 minute wait from Azul.
    even the parking lady was in a good mood today!

  2. Dru says:

    Aw, I totally wanna try this! Bah, I won’t be back till December.

  3. Kalbiguy says:

    You gotta be kidding me. For only $2.50? I’m so now there Chef Choi!

  4. Chuwee says:

    These PMS tacos were so good that I wouldn’t mind being female.

  5. Big E says:

    My hat’s off to ya Chef, unreal……so Good!

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  7. Ash says:

    This looks so good! Bring it back in December when I am home…also, bring back the chicken/pineapple torta!

  8. belzer says:

    I’ve come up with what should be Kogi’s new motto:

    Mexirean Mouthgasms

  9. gz says:

    these rock… hope they stay for a bit!!!! YUM

  10. orangecountygal says:

    That was sooooooo goooood! Chef Roy has done it again!

  11. JonathanDerick says:

    Pretty dope i have to say myself. Last Friday was good in Cypress. 2 hour wait never again but i will say that PMS tacos are the business. Going to LA from now on to get my Kogi Fix

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