it’s a ceLebration, sandwiches…

So grab yerseLves ah sLice of CAKE. But FIRST — a littLe mood music to groove to.


Yesterday, November 20, 2009, KoGi hit its 1 year. And how did we ceLebrate?  We hit the ground running, returning to the roots of where it aLL began.

A lot has happened in the last year, and a lot of what you read onLine may have you beLieving that we’re this tightLy run ship that has aLL of its produce deLivered by some unseen machine since day one, but nah… this is where it aLL started.

Instead of sacks of onions, Roy and Mark wouLd go out every morning and buy them, maybe, by the pound.

The same went for every chiLe, lime and bunch of green onions. CiLantro wouLd be bought in super smaLL batches.  Lettuce and cabbage wouLd be bought individuaLLy by the head.

Here’s Papi curating our fieLdtrip down memory lane…

::searches memory card::

…of which I wish I had taken more pictures of.  I think that after a whiLe, I just kind of forgot that I had a camera.  Sorry, dudes!

::awkward pause::

Um… C A K E !

B.T.W., peopLes, b.t.w. — you know what I reaLLy love about this cake, aside from having no idea what fLavor it was?  I loved, loved, LOVED that every sLice looked like a piñata had thrown up on it.

SPEAKING of piñatas, Papi ended our mini roadtrip through nostaLgia with at stop at Piñata Land.

The most magicaL pLace on earth.  >_< – !

Come inside, don’t be shy!  Don’t be shy!

For a baziLLion wonders await you…

Who needs to go to the aquarium when you can get lost in a sea of tissue taffeta?

I do beLieve I’ve found Nemo. (And his annoying bLue friend who can’t friggin remember anything.)

Um… I don’t know what this is supposed to be.  JeLLyfish?

Don’t you just love how the onLy girL that’s brown and wearing pants is segregated from aLL the other white Disney princesses? Hah!

Did Mario aLways have an adorabLe littLe pot beLLy?

Immigrantes are anything if not resourcefuL. (Like mah parents!)  You can totaLLy teLL that they had taken HaLLoween’s leftover bat carcasses and transformed them into beautifuL happy butterfLies.  (Can’t recaLL the last time I’d seen butterfLies sporting pointy ears, mah dears…)

Come on in a littLe further and there shaLL be more to see, my pretties!

Not the most striking rendition of Optimus Prime, but then again, there’s onLy so much you can do with cardboard and paper crepe, peopLes. STOP JUDGING THEM.

Yo, DonateLLo — where yer brothers at? (On a side note, has anyone ever wondered if TMNT was in part responsibLe for sociaLLy engineering an entire generation to crave mediocre pizza deLivered straight to your door?)

Oh dudes — doesn’t this totaLLy take you back to these days…?


Le siiiiiiiiiiigh! If onLy they had crafted a GargoyLe piñata.  That wouLd have made my trek through 90s afternoon cartoons compLete.

Look, kids!  Barney found the cervesa — yaaaaaaaaaay!!!111one

Now we can aLL ceLebrate.

AND ON THAT NOTE — YES, though KoGi’s officiaL birthday has come and gone, we are pLanning on OFFICIALLY CELEBRATING IT this WEDNESDAY, November 25th.

4 trucks, 4 parties!

Each partay may incLude, but not be limited to:
* piñatas
* cake
* prizes
* love!  (excLamation point incLuded)

So stay tuned for more detaiLs for this Wednesday’s festivities!

Love, tacos and piñatas,


0 Responses to it’s a ceLebration, sandwiches…

  1. Lupe says:

    I WANT the immigrante butterfly pinata! A dozen of these one of kind pinatas will suffice. How resourceful and creative are them vendors. Well Happy BIRTHDAY Kogi & familia!!!! Can’t wait for Wednesday. xoxo

  2. mariel says:

    happy b-day kogi!! so glad you were birthed into existance!

    parties? pinatas????

    ahhhhh i am flying to the east coast wednesday!!!!!! if i had only known i would have stayed to celebrate!!!

  3. Amanda says:

    that cake is called Turron Doña Pepa, btw. It’s Peruvian and it’s my favoorriteee cake everrrrrrrrr. 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Kogi! That Nemo piñata is über-awesome. ☺ ♥

  5. Stephen says:

    Keep up the good work Roy!!!

  6. Quiana says:

    Not bad at all falels and gallas. Thanks.

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