I am fighting against the cLock, peopLes, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to aLL of our friends, foLLowers and fans who heLped us truck up to this point.

First of aLL, I want to thank EDDIE LIN from DeepEndDining for his super sweet birthday card.  Among aLL of his amaaaaaaazing achievements — like, his superbLy written bLog, his stint at KCRW’s Good Food and PUBLISHING HIS OWN BOOK — he reaLLy was one of the very first peopLe to try our tacos at our tasting a year ago and has stuck by us ever since.  I remember sending out a baziLLion emaILs to food bLoggers up and down the left coast and, lo and behoLd, by some miracLe, one of my favorite ones was the onLy one who responded.  And CAME!!!  The rest is history.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, mah friend.  A lot’s happened in ths last year and I’m so gLad we made it.

My 2nd thank you goes to Erica and Daphne (aka LeKogirL) for this fantabuLousLy faBOOSH T-Pain-inspired birthday video:
You ladies are hirarous and reaffirm my dogged beLief that we seriousLy can’t take ourseLves too seriousLy.  EVER.  @LekogirL — I’m so gLad I got to meet you on HaLLoween.  You truLy are our #1 fan on Twitter — and beYOND.  (( H U G ))  And Erica — you’re quite awesome as weLL.

Okay — I gotta run to pick up some birthday cakes, but just wanted to remind you of our birthday stops and our SLider Eating Contest RuLes.

* Azul Lunch – Encino Premiere Carwash 12:30pm
Roja Dinner – Eagle Rock 6:30pm
Naranja Dinner – MV Designz 8:30pm
Verde Late Dinner – The Brig 11pm

CONTEST RULES — UPDATE: because of logistics and it being hard to traveL from one stop to the next, the participation shaLL be maxed out at the 1st 10 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP.  Just as a precaution and preventative against any sort of chaos and anarchy.
* $10 entry fee (which is totaLLy worth it if you eat more than 2 orders of sLiders)
* 90 seconds
* Must eat entire sLiders for them to count. <– no leaving out the bun or taking out the vegetabLy goodness.
* Use common sense. If ya think it might be cheating, it probabLy is.
* Regurgitation = disquaLification. (sorry, dudes.  I don’t want to have to invest in vomit buckets.  thass just nasty.)

Love, tacos and MUCHAS GRASHUS,


0 Responses to GAAAAAHHH! >__< BERFDAY. HERE.

  1. Oscar says:

    How do I sign up? Is it online or have to show up super early? Thanks!

  2. alice says:

    Just show up w/ your beautifuL FACE. Come on time!

  3. Buckshot Frank says:

    Yo Alice, great to meet you and the fam today in Encino! it was like meeting a celebrity, except the celebrity feeds me well, and i actually cared about meeting them!

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary, i’m sure there are many more to come, and i’ll be there for sure.

    Thanks for the cake, and keep up the good work you guys are doin. Loooovin the tacos,and any burger special i can get my hands on!

    –buckshot frank

  4. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday, Kogi! We <3 y’alls!!!

  5. oc in the house says:

    hey guys i saw 10.25 winner? wtf it says you must eat entire slider.make some noise let em know we want a eat off

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