Funny business…

I just wanted to share a few snapshots I took over the past month on our KoGi traveLs and at our taco stops w/ y’aLL.  WeLL, the ones that I thought were particuLarLy amusing.


This is how we do birthdays here at KoGi. Hannah Montana tres leches cakes for the grown men and speLLing out their names in ChickLets.

Oh, Che.

How the mighty have faLLen.

GiL Scott-Heron was absoLuteLy RIGHT.  No, the revoLution wiLL not be teLevized!!!

But it WILL be commodified. In hearts.  And gLitter.  ImmortaLized and mummified forever in pLastic.

::shakes head::

Oh, SiLverLake, you kiLL me.  Oh-so-softLy.  With your wrongs.  <– I say this in jest.  😉

Now this I find both amusing and CUTE.

Were I a practicing CathoLic, I wouLd have totaLLy snatched this up at the SiLverLake FLea Market. And snuggLed it right up next to my imaginary HeLLo Kitty coLLection.

Papi’s siLent protest to our shopping excursion during our Vegas roadtrip.

The reason why this is particuLarLy funny is because it makes me look like a big baLLer.  I’m NOT.

The cooL thing about going to the Scion shindig in Vegas was that there was an open bar.  And it was because of this open bar that my brother in law was feeLing VERY, VERY generous with his bLackjack chips that night.

Mas fotos forthcoming, mah dears. Natasha and I shaLL be hopping on a pLane tomorrow to jet to CIA’s WorLd FLavors conference w/ Papi — and rumor has it that Napa and SF are two very, VERY interesting towns.

Love, tacos and KoGi scrapbooks,

P.S. It’s never too earLy to get some hoLiday shopping done at this time of year. So If anyone knows any hardcore CathoLics, I wouLd highLy recommend stopping by either the SiLverLake FLea Market or Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  This dude tends to be at one pLace or the other.  So much variety!  So many to CHOOSE from!


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  1. Bellagio! I miss Vegas.

  2. lua says:

    $7 bucks does not make you a baller! lol uhhhh I like the estralla necklace, did you take that picture this past saturday?

  3. Brian Social says:

    Che Guevara was a murderer, and those trinkets with his face aren’t cool. But I love me some Kogi BBQ!!

  4. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    Alice, you’re NOT a big baller?!? Uh, what else, there is no
    Sanity Clause or Retainer Fairy?!

    Thanks for the Che & the Spam – I believe I once saw Fidel Castro
    in my garlic-rice spam scramble…Once.

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Dru – More than you miss LA??

    Luisana – Yes. YES, $7 makes me a big baLLer. But, ahem, I was referring to the $125 worth of poker chips that made me a faux baLLer. HOLLER.

    Brian SociaL – We are aLL free to house our own viewpoints. ::pause:: I’m tempted to expLain what I mean, but it’LL take at least 2 or 3 essays to satisfyingLy respond.

    SLeepyhead – Spam was the with the MiLey Cyrus birthday cake.

  6. Спасибо! а еще посты на эту тему будут?

  7. Тачка says:

    Спасибо! а еще посты на эту тему будут?

  8. part dark says:

    mad props to scion

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