ATTN: we’re busy saving chiLdren from wiLd bears

I love random emaiLs of concern.  ALmost as much as I like sharing them with y’aLL!   Hm.

::strokes imaginary beard::

It might be a good idea to make this a weekLy rituaL.


THIS WEEK it comes from ALfredo from the Westin Los AngeLes Aeropuerto.

Dear Alice.
@L******* here:
Just wondering why Kogi trucks are always late due to “traffic”.  Is that a code word for…”Gettin-some before work” or something more fun?  If so, maybe you should start giving more interesting/funny names for “traffic”.  Just a thought.
Love N Tacos

My repLy:

Dear Alfredo A*****,

Well, “traffic” is code for… “traffic” 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time, “traffic” is code for:
* deliveries coming in late from Sysco and the like (that cabbage and romaine slaw?  YES, fresh daily and we like to keep it that way.  we don’t like using 3-day old cabbage, cuz that would make a sad taco indeed)
* the lunch run truck got to the prep lot late due to traffic/unforeseen circumstances
* mishaps — someone knocks over the salsa roja and we need to make a new batch again
* getting lost — hey, it happens!
* traffic at the truck lot — sometimes it takes time to maneuver in and out, and other times, it’s nice and easy.  depends on where you’re situated for the day.
* getting gas — the gas meter on one of our truck’s is busted, so it always reads as FULL when half the time, we find out… it’s not.

Also “traffic” is code for, “Wait an extra 30 minutes so that we can get our shit together.  You want GREAT food or you want shit tacos?”  Most of the time we bite the bullet and go for greatness.  But once in a while we’ll slip so that we can open on time — and, dude, I’ll admit it — that’s when our tacos don’t shine their best.

Being on the road creates a lot of different variables.  You can plan and plan, but at the end of the day there’s only so much you can do to get somewhere on time.  We started our days at 10AM at the lot, then 9AM then 8AM.  We won’t ask them to come any earlier.  8-12 hour work shifts are hard enough.

But if you can think of more interesting phrases for “traffic” that can fit into 140 character spaces, let me know!

Love and tacos,

And, bLess his heart, ALfredo came up with one for us at KoGi.  And it’s sitting in the subject line of this post.

If anyone eLse has any other suggestions, feeL totaLLy free to comment!

Love and tacos,


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  1. pedro says:

    Alfredo at the westin ?

    Sounds familiar . . .

    Wonder if I did any Audio Tech work for the guy.

  2. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    “Gettin-some before work” or something more fun?” – something more fun?!? Like what, changing the oil in the ol’ tobagon?
    “Traffic” in LA can mean almost anything as everything in LA
    revolves around traffic in one way or another – and me loves it!

  3. Ha ha, who wants to “traffic” with me. Oh yeah~ =P

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