Twisted Banh Mi Dirty DAWG – six doLLahs

Here’s a sneak peak at today’s speciaL, because it is oh-so-very speciaLs.

Take a succuLent, juicy aLL-beef Hebrew NationaL KoGi dog, dirty it up with some spicy pork and top it with some carrot sLaw, ciLantro, sesame seeds, peanuts and nuoc cham mayo.

And YES those buns come hot, toasty and just sLightLy crackLy like any good baguette.

Key ingredients:

Succulent Hebrew National Dog

Spicy Pork Goodness

Marinated Carrots

Fresh Mint and Cilantro

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to Twisted Banh Mi Dirty DAWG – six doLLahs

  1. Kim says:

    Alice that look so good! I am going to have to get to the truck ASAP!

  2. Dru says:

    Aw man, after I left LA already. I did my tacos and fries though!

  3. honestplayer says:

    pork and a hotdog! kay, the carrot slaw and sesame seeds has got my curiosity going…gonna hit the truck this week and give it a try. so far, its all been muy bueno!

  4. jss1 says:

    I love Banhg Mi! Going a little Vietnemese on us ehh! This Banh Mi dog looks bomb. Is it going to be around all week??

  5. sexyflip says:

    That sounds and looks really good. Def trying this tonite!
    Do you guys have the nutritional facts for your foods? Would be nice!

  6. Spamaholic says:

    Duuude what happened to the SPAMalicious burger I think I’m going to cry myself to sleep until it comes back!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh well hahaha I guess I might cry tonight but I’ll stick to my regular spicy burrito mmm

  7. Irritated says:

    ummm… this is a diss to the vietnamese culture. please, take it off the menu. :T

  8. lei ann says:

    *sniff*sniff*…i live all the way here on the east coast & will never know the awesomeness that is the kogi truck *yet*. you tease me with 2 more of my favorite foodstuffs. first spam & kimchi…now this. i’m gonna go jump off the roof now 🙁

  9. Jannnnnnnnnnnn says:

    come to la crescenta for halloweeenn!

  10. sexyflip says:

    Just finished my dirty dog. This shit is the bomb. I knew I shouldve gotten more!

  11. Auco says:

    I am Vietnamese and I LOVED it! Soo good~

  12. anne says:

    this is really good tried it the other night @ SM… i salute KOGI for such a good mix… love it!

  13. chef roy says:


    In no way are we trying to diss the Vietnamese culture.
    We are just having fun.
    This is just a durty street dawg with a nuoc cham mayo and some frsh herbs and pickled carrots.
    I thought in no way could I replicate or do justice to a true Bahn Mi, so why not just give it a Kogi twist and durty it up a bit….that’s all.
    I go way back with the Vietnamese. Little Saigon, GG, and Bolsa way back in the day when the mall was just being built.
    Buyin European Disco CD’s on the second floor, drinking Vietnamese coffee on in the food court with the grandpas on the first floor, shopping at the market across the street on the Southeast side of Bolsa.
    Murdered out, slammed Acura Integras and Honda Preludes.
    Whatcha all know about that????
    Much respect Westminster!


  14. sexyflip says:

    No need to explain chef roy. I think the twist u guys put makes the food ur own! Mow how about putting some twist on a Filipino dish?! Whatcha guys know about that?!?!

  15. lily says:

    well put, chef roy! i love banh mi and this looks like a great twist on a classic 🙂 can’t wait to try it!

  16. Kogi Bryant says:

    Sexy Flip
    I got you.
    We gonna go all FlipMode up in ya!!
    Eagle Rock, West Covina, Cerritos, Northridge, Puente Hills, Lakewood, DALY CITY…..
    Calling all Flips, Pinoys and Pinays.
    Imma go to the lab and figure some shit out and go halo halo on yo ass!

    Kogi from LA to da Bay to Manila and back up in ya!

    Chef Roy

  17. honestplayer says:

    okay, this is unGawdly good. trying it off the Roja right now…wow. i hate carrots yet i am in love. the heat is perfect and it’s the best Azian-dog i have evah eaten!!!!! literally, i am licking the sauce off the paper tray – its like a sweetly hot sauce. now i am totally p.o.’d cuz i didn’t order two of ’em!!!

  18. Trieu says:

    Man this looks hot. I wish it was available where I live. I’m Vietnamese I want to try that nouc mam mayo you got goin on. Recipe perhaps?
    You folks keep doing your thing with these fresh fusion of culinary cultures and don’t let a few nay-sayers with their panties in a bunch (some irritated) keep you from otherwise. But it was nice of Chef Roy to explain. Food and culture is meant to be shared. Peace+love+gap+food.

    I stay Trieu.


  20. Hellafied Pinay says:

    What up Chef Roy! Das what I’m talkin bout! Do somethin up good with a lil bit of that flip flava! Can’t wait! Yummy!

  21. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    Hebrew National and oh so good porkosity?!?
    what is a nice jewish boy supposed to do – except
    order two and lie to Mom…
    thx Kogi!

  22. rose says:

    stood in line at rock tavern for soooo long, really really wanted the twisted banh mi dirty dawg,dissapointed,there was no more dawgs!!! sold out ! ordered blackjack quesadille instead, it was soooo good, i miss it.

    please come to rock tavern early, i want to order everything on the menu!!

    make rock tavern your 6:30 stop please!

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