It’s very seLdom that I address these peopLe.  I try to avoid going down an angry spiraL whenever possibLe — especiaLLy since it’s gotten me in troubLe more times than I can count.  I mean, why waste my energy addressing those who are ignorant of the bLood, sweat and tears that go into the business everyday or because some peopLe have a raging case of Negative Ned and Debbie Downer Syndrome at the core of their psyche.  But as we’re approaching our 1 year anniversary, there are a lot of things we’ve been bottLing up inside that need some form of reLease.

Confession: sometimes we speak through our food, messages impLanted in the very names or concepts of some of our speciaLs.  Sometimes it’s through music videos or random-arse links.  There’s a lot said between the lines if you look hard enough.

But there are times when we’ve got to either let it aLL out, very directLy, and purge our minds of aLL the backLash, toxicity and wiLLfuL ignorance so that we can move on — or impLode.

We are survivors and choose to live another day.  Because as many haters as there are out there, there are a miLLion more appreciators and a miLLion more reasons to continue.

Again, this message is to the ones tapping that haterade and wanksta-sauce: YOUR ATTITUDE AND THE THINGS THAT YOU DO AND SAY ARE PISSING US OFF… but for those who are genuineLy trying and just haven’t gotten it yet — we ain’t mad atcha.

It’s fine it they don’t get what it is that I’m saying.  ♫Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love and I don’t reaLLy want any the above.♫ But in aLL sincerity, this is written more for our sake than theirs.  A confession, if you wiLL, of aLL the confLicts and demons we’ve been brought up against in the pubLic eye or within ourseLves on this strange and beautifuL mind trip.

You think you know who you are untiL aLmost everything said or written about you is just a an empty echo of the most artificiaLLy produced sound bite ever crafted about your story.  And you put on a shoe, see if it fits and then reaLize that — no, you’re not a rock superstar livin large with a big house and five cars: we’re just an LA taco truck that happens to be up against a lot of intense scrutiny and taLL taLes toLd by those who hoLd the strings of any large outLet of media.

We’re late, our sneakers are dirty, we work 10-16-hour days and serve up $2 tacos that are made with whatever emotion we happen to be feeLing that day.  And they’re friggin DERICIOUS.  What more can anybody want from us?  We might have a shiny sticker, but our trucks stiLL break down every other week cuz we push them so hard.  What more can anybody want from us?  We eat parking tickets, argue with cops, have everybody work 5 different jobs at the same time and take risks at going into neighborhoods that no other taco trucks in this county has ever dared to touch.  I am asking THOSE peopLe – WHAT MORE CAN ANYBODY WANT FROM US?

And we’ve come to a decision: we don’t ever want and can’t ever be who they want us to be.  Because there is no way we can ever fuLfiLL the most superficiaL of their expectations and stiLL retain a shred of humanity.  Live loud or die with dignity.  BAS.  Thass it.

We are who we are, we are what we are.


P.S.  And for the appreciators — I have a very speciaL message for youse!! I REALLY DO!!!  Just give me a day — this post took a lot out of me and I need to be at 3 different pLaces at once.  I love you aLL for tasting the spirit in our food, for getting us — or for standing by us when you didn’t get us and aLL our neurotic tendencies at ALL!  (( MASSIVE HUG ))

[B-Real talking]
Alot of a…sharks out there…try’na take a bite of somethin’
What’s hot

Lot of chameleons out there…try’na change up
Anytime somethin’ new comes along…everybody wants a bite
Don’t happen overnight

[Chorus: B-Real]
So you wanna be a rock superstar?
And live large, a big house, 5 cars, you’re in charge
Comin’ up in the world don’t trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

I remember the days when I was a young kid growin’ up
Looking in the mirror dreamin’ about blowin’ up

The rock crowd, makin money, chill with the honey’s
Sign autographs or whatever the people want from me
Shit’s funny how impossible dreams manifest
And the games that be comin’ with it, nevertheless
You got to go for the gusto but you don’t know
About the blood, sweat and tears and losing some of your peers
And losing some of yourself to the years past gone by
Hopefully it don’t manifest for the wrong guy

Egomaniac and the brainiac don’t know how to act
Shit’s deep, 48 tracks

Studio gangster mack signed the deal, thinks he’s gonna make a mil’
But never will ’til he crosses over

Still filling your head with fantasies
Come with me, show the sacrifice it takes to make the cheese
You wanna be a rock superstar in the biz?
And take shit from people who don’t know what it is
I wish it was all fun and games but the price of fame is high
And some can’t pay the way
Still trapped in what you rappin’ about
Tell me what happened when you lost clout

The route you took started collapsing
No fans, no fame, no respect, no change, no women
And everybody shits on your name

[Chorus 2x]

[Sen Dog talking]
People see rockstars, you know what I’m sayin?
But you still…try’na…get out more like, like everybody else
It’s a fun job, but it’s still a job
Save your money man, save your money too
Hit singles don’t last very long, you know what I’m sayin?

I mean…you’re lucky in this game too
There’s gon’ be another cat comin’ out
Lookin’ like me, soundin’ like me, next year I know this

They’ll be a flipside, do whatchu you do
Somebody’ll try to spin off like some series

[Sen Dog]
You ever have big dreams of makin’ real cream?
Big shot, heavy hitter on the mainstream
You wanna look trendy in the Bentley
Be a snob and never act friendly
You wanna have big fame, let me explain
What happens to these stars and their big brains

First they get played like all damn day
Long as you sell everything will be O.K.
Then you get dissed by the media and fans
Things never stay the same way they began

I heard that some never give full to the fullest
That’s while fools end up dining on the bullet

Think everything’s fine in the big time
See me in my Lex’ with the chrome raised high
So you wanna roll far and live large?

It ain’t all that goes with bein’ a rockstar

[Chorus 2x]
My own son don’t know me
I’m chillin’ in the hotel room lonely
But I thank God I’m with my homies
But sometimes I wish I was back home
But only no radio or video didn’t show me
No love, the phony, gotta hit the road slowly
So the record gets pushed by Sony
I’m in the middle like mony
And the press say that my own people disown me
And the best way back is to keep your head straight
Never inflate the cranium

They’re too worried about them honies at the Paladium
Who just wanna cling on, swing on, and so on
Go on, fall off, the hoes roll on
‘Til the next rock superstar with no shame
Give him a year, he’ll be right out the game
The same as the last one who came before him
Gained fame, started gettin’ ignored, I warned him
Assured him, this ain’t easy take it from Weezy

Sleezy people wanna be so cheesy, they’re fuckin’ evil
Assassins, assassins
[Chorus 2x]

So for now, thass about aLL the crap I want to get off our chests.

But for those who are stiLL trying, but just not “gettin it” yet, Papi’s heart goes out to you:



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  1. the dude abides says:

    You guys need to deal with some of your issues. First fix your credit card machines. If you say you are taking credit cards then do it.


    Looks like you have been missing spots. Where were you in Van Nuys today.


  2. jss1 says:

    Dude Alice somebody needs to put a muzzle on you. How old are you like 25? By your posts you sound like you are 16 going on 15. come on guys really is this supposed t be your PR/ Marketing person?? This is a friggin joke!! She sounds like an extremely bitter person with a lot of bottled up anger and hatred that goes way beyond KOGI. Alice, I have never met you, nor do I want too but I did see a video of you being interviewed on YouTube by some media organization, not once did you smile, you acted like you did not want to be there and you had the absolute worst personality of any PR/Marketing person that I have ever seen in my life!!Your posts are an embarrassment to the Kogi brand and to all of KOGI’s passionate followers like myself. I am at your trucks on an average of two times a week, I love the food, the experience and the people.

    Everyone I have met within the company from Roy to the truck managers and staff have been nothing but gracious and hospitable. But you, I think it is quite sad that you are too blind to realize how bitter and immature you show yourself to be in your posts. This is not about you Alice, this is not your playground, this should be a place where we can all come to enjoy and interact.

    I and I think I speak for a lot of loyal customers and friends of KOGI beg the KOGI management team to step in and do something about Alice’s continued unprofessionalism and outbursts. Please, please, please find something else for her to do, she is clearly not ready for this position. I have been in PR, Sales and Marketing for years and a person like this is not the right person for this job and could do you guys great harm in the long run,

    and to think this long response has come from one of your most loyal supporters who has continuously spoken nothing but great things about KOGI, not one bad word, constantly raves about your food and recommends you to others….this is bad guys. I say this out of passion, because I want you all to succeed, I want to continue to enjoy your food for years to come. The hot honeymoon stage is over, I have noticed that the lines are getting a lot shorter, the novelty one time customers are getting to be fewer and fewer, please don’t let someone like this push away your loyal clientele….no business will ever succeed with bad PR.

    I say this with the utmost honesty, I do not have a bad thing to say about anything or anyone in your company except for Alice, she is single handily pushing me away…I may soon have to stop logging on your site every half hour at work every Tuesday in anticipation of the weekly special..and really, I am a nice, smart and laid back guy. People like this just really get to me though, it’s hits a nerve. I can’t stand selfish, negative people with a chip on their shoulders…I hope that you guys can turn this department around because I want to continue to give you my business and I am one more angry Alice post away from walking away for good…

  3. chef roy says:

    jss to the 1,

    this is chef roy aka papi.
    i never really step in the middle cause i’m really not a mony in the middle kind of guy…..
    i just wanna let you know that we are for real. we are a mistake driven, neurotic, band of warriors that search for truth and purity everyday.
    we are just exorcising some demons right now…
    you should know more than anyone that Kogi is and never was a “novelty”, a fad, or a hype driven monster.
    If the lines are getting shorter and the spotlight is getting darker then as long as the food is delicious and the streets are nourished, that’s all we care about.
    We may have made a mistake by assigning titles to our family members like PR, marketing, business development, director, etc.
    We are just a family run company doing BIG thangs on the streets of LA and now Orange counties.
    We are facing these demons of popularity head on and saying it is you and all the people in line waiting to eat our food and meet our team that matter…..and not the fame or attention.

    Please read in between the lines on this blog and give Alice a chance for her message to reveal itself in between the lines.
    You will see a dark, twisted, yet liberating journey into the love that we have for YOU and the courage to express it with no veil.

    As my boy Big E from KST puts it “I would run through brick walls for you”. That is what I do and what Kogi does for you everyday, believe that LA and OC!

    And for the haters……”I ain’t mad at cha”

    chef roy aka papi aka kogi bryant aka uncle aka el guapo

  4. jss1 says:

    Chef Roy,

    Thanks for your thoughtful response. As humans, we are all emotional beings by nature and sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us. After I read my first post I realized that at least my first paragraph was a little harsh.

    Like I said, I have never met Alice in person, just rad her posts on here and saw that you tube video. For all in know, she could be a very sweet and charismatic person who has a pet peeve for negative comments/shitty people. I can just imagine some of the negative comments you guys get.

    I guess the thing I am trying to say is dont let it get to you like this. When the staff goes on here venting, it sounds like poor us, they tryin to hold us down etc. Once again, I have been is some sort of customer service/ sales/ client relations position for 15 years and it comes with the territory and as you get bigger it only gets worse so you guys are going to have to prepare yourself for much more to come….

    I have learned in life the best way to handle criticism, discrimination etc. is just to let it bounce off of you and move on . Hold your head up and know that you are better then them. I if you switch it up and look down on the haters instead of let them look down at you, I think you will feel a completely different reaction from yourself. A smile and laugh as opposed to a frown and a yell.

    ….and trust me this comes from life and personal experiences not public/professional incidents. My whole life I have faced obstacles and discrimination due to something out of my control but
    i have always overcome every obstacle by being built of steel, holding my head up and being determined to overcome the odds and show the naysayers up . This has helped me so much in my professional life.

    Please try what I said above sometime look down on them, instead of letting them look down on you, it will affect you in a different way. Trust me, they are never going to go away, they are bottom feeders, like leeches hungry for love brotha, you have to find a way to deal with them and co-exist.

    Much love and i wish you all the best. Alice, i am sorry if I was harsh but it’s just that your posts come off as self fulfilling, you probably don’t mean them to come across like that….but I think we all need to think things over a little more before we shout out loud, myself included.

    So Chef Roy….whats in the works for the special this week??

    Once again much love but now its time to go watch Football… I’m missing the morning games right now…damn you guys!!

  5. dandan says:

    can’t we all just shut up and eat?

  6. dandan says:

    hey LA…this is how “WE” do it back east!

  7. VZ says:

    Alice keep the cool witty comments coming

  8. eric says:

    @the dude abides
    Credit card machines are available, but if they break, they break. We’re not really trained technicians, so if it is broken, we have to send our machines back to the manufacturers. Currently there are only 2 machines, 1 for Azul Night and 1 for Naranja Night. The one with Naranja is busted at the moment and we’re trying to fix it.

    As for the Van Nuys location. It was really confusing for us too because that was a request someone sent out to us. Apparently, the place they wanted us to park was across the street inside the park. So a bit of a mix up there that we didn’t know about until after the fact.

    And I was just wondering out of curiosity, since I’ve personally been criticized for setting maximum order limits, what would you the public prefer. Now this only applies to large events where there are overwhelming amounts of people. A) Order cap to insure fast service and allow the most amount of people who have traveled to try our food. B) Cut the line early(sometimes immediately once we reach a location) and place no restrictions on food and increase wait times(verses order limits). C) No restrictions no cutting of lines and then leaving once we’ve hit the end of the shift(gotta give our cooks breaks cause it’s the law… and they deserve it) and then have people who might have waited 2 hours in line leave empty handed. Feel free to send me a discreet e-mail at

    Feed back would be much appreciated and would help me tremendously in giving the best service I can give in extraordinary situations. Thanks!

  9. jss1 says:


    A big thanks for asking us! Definitly A in my book, no questions. I have noticed people hording huge amounts of the specials and deserts so they can take them back to all of their friends then leaving the truck cleaned out on those items sometimes not even midway through the shift. I can understand if they are picking up food for a friend or spouse but it gets kind of ridiculous when you see one person buying 4 specials and 5 Tres Leches Cakes. I understand if someones friend/wife cant make it but a lot of times this is one guy making a run for a whole office or group of friends at home watching the game. My take is, if you really want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it to the truck like the rest of us. The regular item limit is tough to call who knows, maybe a six item limit(2 tacos to make 1 item since they are smaller) but on specials, deserts and items of limited inventory I think it should be 2 of each special or desert….just my opinion.

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  11. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    **the dude abides – Have you ever watched the new version of BattLestar GaLactica? If you have, then understand that when it comes to battLestars, our trucks are the GaLactica — not the Pegasus or OLympic Carrier.

    They’re oLd, much of the technoLogy is heLd together with duct tape and sometimes our stops change at the last minute because we are unexpectedLy attacked by CyLons. CyLons can be code for cops, heaLth department, no avaiLabLe parking spots, etc. We do what we can and thank our lucky stars that our busted up credit card machines run 75% of the time.

    We might have a lot of attention in the media, but that doesn’t mean that we’re a Star Trek, state-of-the-art version of an LA taco truck. We aren’t a version of anything. Media ain’t paying for our credit card machines or upgrades every time the engine breaks down. We do what we can, brother, we do what we can.

    **jss1 – the irony of your comments do not faiL to amuse me! ^__^ Projection is a serious issue for us aLL, so I can understand why peopLe take my posts the wrong way. Addressing the irony — who do you think my post was commissioned by? Who do you think caLLed me up last minute Saturday morning, frustrated and annoyed, and asked me to let it rip? Think about it. ReaLLy, reaLLy think about it. The answer might surprise you.

    The point of the post was to express that we aren’t what peopLe think we are and we can’t be who they want us to be. We’re aLive, we’re raw and we’re rough around the edges. Just because we won an award from Bon Apetit and was seen on CNN doesn’t mean that we HAVE TO or SHOULD change who we are and how we carry about our business. Was it kind of cooL being mentioned on TV every once in a whiLe? Sure! Was it awesome to get an award from Barbara FairchiLd? AbsoLuteLy.

    StiLL, we’re a circus of accountants, artists and cooks who haven’t quite figured it out, but uLtimateLy know that we’ve got to keep a leveL head and keep it reaL. Because this company is run off the bLood, sweat and tears of reaL peopLe. We’re human beings. We live not to serve…but to express.

    We live to express our thoughts, our concerns and our energy through our food and the way we approach the streets.

    And being human beings, once in a whiLe when peopLe piss us off enough and we need to let off some steam.

    PROFESSIONALISM is NOT our middLe name.

    As for the interview — I don’t know which interview you were watching. But if I wasn’t smiLing and I looked like I was in a bad mood I was probabLy tired and didn’t want to be on camera.

    Maybe I feLt fat and unattractive that day, or maybe the reporter was asking a lot of boring questions that couLd’ve easiLy been answered with a quick googLe search. Look, everyone in this company is working 5 different jobs, incLuding me, so interviews that ask dumb or easy questions reaLLy, reaLLy aggravate me.

    If I think the interviewer is super cooL or I’m excited about the program, my energy leveL spikes. If you ever see my face or hear my voice in other interviews, you’LL be abLe to teLL right away whether or not my heart was in it.

    What you see is what you get and I don’t pretend otherwise unLess my sister is behind the scenes putting a gun to my head. -__-;; It happens!

    **chef roy – UncLe Roy — who’s been caLLing you eL guapo?!!

    **dandan – THANK YOU. Le siiiigh! We never did manage to rendezvous to Pittsburg, did we? :*(

    **VZ – your fistbump of love warms the weary heart. You inspire me to return to my arsenaL! ::runs to retrieve her arsenaL::

  12. Lucho says:

    ” risks at going into neighborhoods that no other taco trucks in this county has ever dared to touch”

    Wow, you’re really full of yourselves! Name a neighborhood that a taco truck would be scared to go into, that you ‘braved’.

  13. Kogi Bryant says:

    I don’t want to even waste your time or mine with your comments.
    Dared don’t only mean dangerous.
    Just know this blog is for you….


  14. AintNoFoo says:

    Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice: Professionalism isn’t your middle name….it isn’t your first name, nor is it your last name. You’re a fool and you’re making Kogi look ridiculous. People in the restaurant industry talk about how your rants have nothing to do with the Kogi brand. You sound like some uneducated 10-year old that got ahold of mommy’s laptop. Just shut it.

  15. PR says:

    I agree that this Alice person seems like a petulant teenager who got a hold of her dad’s corporate site and went on a temper tantrum tirade.

    We send people into interviews all the time. Frequently they’re exhausted, cranky, feel fat, feel nervous, feel apprehensive, think the questions are dumb, think the interviewers are assh*les…but because they’ve accepted the responsibility of representing a brand or product in media they put on their game face and do their job of representing the brand as best they can.

    If you’re not willing to do that, then you should opt to NOT be in the public eye. If you’re going to give bad interview because you just don’t wanna put on a show and sell the brand, then you should not give interviews.

    There’s nothing wrong with this. I don’t give interviews because I don’t soundbite well, photograph poorly, and am terribly self-conscious. So I refuse to represent my company in media unless I feel 100% comfortable with the outlet.

    Perhaps media training would be a good step for you if you’re going to continue your role as a mouthpiece for the company. It’s incredibly useful and would do this brand a world of good.

  16. Jones Foyer says:

    Remember how everyone got excited about Krispy Kreme donuts when they came to Los Angeles and people waited hours for a taste? How many hours to you suppose you have to wait to get a Krispy Kreme donut now?

    When the excitement and fire of the “new” burns out, all you are left with is customer service and the quality of your food.

    Be careful about your reputation, very careful.

  17. jss1 says:

    PR/Jones Foyer..exactlky my point. You guys just put framed in a nicer and more professional manner than I did. Alice, Roy and everyone, please just realize that we are opening our mouths and trying to offer our advice because WE CARE. We would like you to stick around for a while so we can continue to enjoy the KOGI product. Please don’t go on the defensive and realize that WE CARE or we wouldn’t have stuck around. Obviously, if we didn’t care we wouldn’t spend this much time out of our busy days on this topic…we would have just moved on and shut the door. You can’t be overly sensitive in PR customer service you have to have very thick skin.

    Peace and much love.

  18. NK says:

    This is my first visit to the Kogi site and I thought I was on some teenager fan site of hip hop from the mid-90’s.

  19. Sua Cho says:

    Lucho, do you work at halftime cuts?

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