Story Time!

As soon as I got this photo, I immediateLy thought of doing a “CAPTION THIS.” As you aLL know, Papi/Chef Roy jumps off the trucks every evening to tuck his daughter into bed promptLy at 8PM.  As a joke, he took a photo of story time…

“Once upon a time, I had 1 cup of rendered pork fat and 1/4 pound of pork shouLder cut into smaLL, bite-sized thin sLices.  But the pork shouLder was loneLy… so, very loneLy.  So his friends, 1/4 of smaLL shrimp, peeLed and deveined, joined him whiLe Daddy was preheating the oven to 250 degrees…”

In case you cant teLL, the book he’s reading to her is that same friggin book he’s been lugging around everywhere eLse these days:

AHAHAHA.  Yeah.  It’s a cookbook.  Okay, I get it. It’s got pictures and stories of faraway lands. And with photos of the end product, it’s got something very cLose to a happy ending.  Of sorts.  PerfectLy suitabLe reading materiaL for a 5-year-oLd.

You can get it HERE on Amazon, though apparentLy it’s out of print and a used copy is seLLing for $999.99.  But if you reaLLy want to get your hands on one of these rare, out-of-print babies, hit me up and I’ll puLL Chef Roy aside and ask him who his deaLer is… though, knowing him, he probabLy swiped it off some random dude off a street corner.

On side note — rumor has it that it was nominated for the James Beard Award.


I suppose it’s good to know that UncLe Roy is reading his daughter some quaLity stuff at bedtime.

Love and tacos,


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  1. Alex Ong says:

    Roy, that’s classic. LMAO! See you next month at the CIA Worlds of Flavor.

  2. Chef Kalela says:

    On another side note – rumor has it that you can get the book online if you google it.

  3. Ari Slatkin says:

    Yep, the book is available at and for the same price as AMAZON AND you get the author to sign it AND a pair of Thai Chopsticks!

  4. Mariza says:

    I forget what paper I was reading but there was an article about Vietnam and the sidebar on it was about Robert taking a small group to Little Saigon in Westminster for a tour. I think it cost something like $75.00 and you get a copy of his book.

  5. papi says:

    Chef Alex,

    Thanks for the comment.
    The CIA World Flavors Conference is going to be a trip….
    I don’t know how I got on the roster but I’ll sneak through the back door anyways 🙂


  6. orangecountygal says:

    Is Chef Roy a Yankee fan? No love for the Dodgers or Angels? I guess I won’t hold that against him, at least too much!

  7. papi says:

    Dodger Blue all da way through!
    Just rockin’ different brims from time to time….
    My love for LA runs deep.

    I am the gutter to the palm tree.

    Kogi is the Angeleno voice to the world and beyond….
    We are you and you are me.
    From the cliffs and blue water of San Clemente to the Car Washes in Encino and every hood in between.
    Kogi IS So. Cal’s finest!

    Thanks to all of you out there.
    I’ll keep bringing the flavors, hopefully you guys keep lovin’ our love. This shit is truly humbling to say the least.


  8. orangecountygal says:

    Well you always do look good in a hat!

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