Monday afternoon juke joint

QUESTION: who’s out sportin FiLas and Adidas and sum summa KangoLs?

At Papi’s behest, I’m treatin y’aLL to the freshest West Coast sounds of the late 80s bLeeding into the 90s. Back when Chef Roy was cLad in his bestest — dope rope goLd chains, fat laces, FiLa jumpsuits — and mesmerized by Dayton rims and hydrauLics.  Back when the bass was everLasting.

It was a time when everyday feLt like summer, when the CaLifornia sun was out and about whetting one’s appetite for the next outdoor picnic and backyard barbecue.

When onLy the inner contents of a red cup couLd quench one’s thirst, and when a 15-year-oLd kid’s imagination was reLentLessLy chasing after some breezies cLad in one-piece spandex booty dresses.

Love, tacos and takin it back,


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