Missing summa this Summer of Love…


I know — duh, right?  That means in roLLs the season of pLastic neon orange jack-o-Lanterns, pumpkin pies and undergrads (un)dressed in their fLavorite storybook characters, come the end of this month.

Case in point:

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But it makes me sad to see that summer’s so totaLLy faded away. Gone is the season of beach bonfires, buying overpriced FLintstones Push-Up pops from that famiLiar, overLy stickered ice cream truck and running through your neighbor’s sprinkLers on your morning jog cuz, seriousLy, it was just that damn hot outside.

If I were hi-tech enough to create a sLide show, I wouLd.  But in the meantime, enjoy these leftover scraps of summer before faLL forces us to faLL back an hour.  So, what kind of summer was it for you? For me, it was…

…a summer of broken piñatas.

…of booze-it-or-lose-it Vegas road trips.

…of peace, unity and HAVIN FUN.

It was the summer our saLsa verde debuted.

A summer of reaLLy long lines…

…chiLL peopLe

…and bombass food.

It was aLL about the fan love…


…and good stuff.

AHAHAHAHA… Let us aLL not forget about…


…and getting lost in random aLLey ways.

But, above aLL, it was a summer of sunshine.

Granted, it might have been an unreLentingLy scorchingLy hot summer — what, with aLL that raining ash and evacuations and aLL — but DAMN… I had a great time June-September of 09.  Didn’t youse?

Okie dokes.  I’ve made my peace and said it.  And now the leaves can feeL free to burn as orange and red as they wanna.

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to Missing summa this Summer of Love…

  1. liz says:

    Nice one. This is a goood post Aliiice. me loves itt <3

  2. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll says:

    These capitalized L’s are incredibly fucking annoying. This isn’t xanga or whatever.

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    liz – Why art thou so awesome? Me loves youse! ((SQUEEEEZE)) >_<

    lllllllllllll – No, I do beLieve it’s wordpress. But rumor has it that capitaLized L’s aren’t outLawed here, either. ::whispers:: But they’re just rumors. RUMORS.

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