Mayer Hawthorne, I am enamored w/ thee~!

Okay – I was going to do a post on the BEST DAMN FISH TACOS I’VE EVER EATEN…but then something eLse caught my fancy.  And it wasn’t a bLack cod, swear ta DOD.

So… I’m gonna rambLe a bit before getting into the meat of the post. So feeL free to skip the section I bLocked off for those uninterested in summa this onLine souL searching.

Let’s hoLd up for a second and let ALice pontificate for a moment.  Because October’s in fuLL session, which means we’re just over a month away from our 1 year anniversary at KoGi.  Sporadic as they are, most of these posts are made with love.  But I’ll be honest w/ y’aLL… I’ve lost sight of it from time to time.

For those of you who have been foLLowing this bLog from Day 1 (before the mass erase-age of past bLogs), the topics covered everything from KoGi to tacos to my fLavorite tech bLogs and gadgetry.  Part of it was because everyone was too busy working 16-18 hour days to notice and part of it was because, shoot, as long as no one was paying me, I was going to write about whatever the heLL I wanted to write.  Screw grammar and writing posts that had 1 cLear point: to seLL something.

But then I graduated, came back home and started to receive an paycheck — and, aLthough it wasn’t a miLLion bucks, I was now being paid for my “services.”  So questions like, “WeLL, what does this have to do about KoGi?” or “Is this even food-reLated?” or “WHY ARE YOU GETTIN SO FRIGGIN FIRED UP?” were fair and pertinent.

And as much as I like to write about KoGi and food, I’ve come to reaLize that bLogging was just a lot more fun when it didn’t have a cLear point.  But whatever it was that I was writing about, it was done with – aLbeit exhausted – LOVE.

What answered this missing and invisibLe question that bothered me when I attempted to bLog more “responsibLy”?

I thank thee, Mayer Hawthorne…

Dude.  This guy is from DETROIT.  WaLking beach side in his littLe Stepford cardigan-and-tie set, chiLLing with some of So-CaL’s finest skaters.  Yes, White dude’s got some Motown souL! AND what?  In some ways, this video reaLLy crystaLLizes the KoGi spirit — on and off the bLog, on and off Twitter.  It may not make immediate sense, but it’s the intangibLes that express something that’s made with both love and a sense of fun.

Some of you might know of Mayer Hawthorne better for his other hit, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out.”  <– awesome video, check it OUT.

Is the aLbum worth buying?  Yes, yes, YES!  (And no, no one paid me to recommend it.  ::thinks::  He may or may not have Twittered at us once a long time ago, but nada contact since…PLus, it’s just a penny less than 8 bucks on Amazon, so it’s super affordabLe.

Since the hoLidays are gonna creep in reaL soon, this is a reaLLy fun aLbum to get you through the next 3-4 months. The heavy Motown sampLing and affect eLicits the kind of nostaLgia that goes weLL with hot cider and and dried cranberries whiLst the lyrics remind you that this is a dude who knows not to take life or himseLf too damn seriousLy: “My baby’s got a one track mind, onLy shopping bags with expensive tags” — and even though he knows he’s in a “bad situation,” it’s okay because “she’s so fine.”  AHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Him and Amy Winehouse shouLd totaLLy hook up.  He’LL provide the sampLes for her to croon over.

My fLavorite tracks?
1) Maybe So, Maybe No
2) Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
3) I Wish It WouLd Rain
4) One Track Mind

On another note, if you reaLLy dug “Maybe So, Maybe No,” you might want to check out Big Tone’s “ChocoLate, ft. L’Renee.” Big ups to D. ALhazzani for bringing this track to my attention.  Good ears, dude!

And it just so happens that his Art of Ink just dropped recentLy so YOU TOO can pick it up.  The listed price is $16.98, but there are some used ones starting at 7 bucks.

And for the totaL nerds and dorks, I’ve found the originaL “Maybe So, Maybe No” by SouLHawk. Yay for youtube!

Love, tacos and throwing caution to the wind,

P.S. BEFORE I FORGET!!! The Mayer Hawthorne video reaLLy brought home the spirit of our own KoGi Street Team, shredding it down in the OC, so I just wanted to share some photos and send some big ups to ALex and LiL E.


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  1. LiL e says:

    Thanks for plak’in up our photos im super stoked on the blog cool video too.

    Love, Tacos and skateboards

    KST “Listen to the streets”

  2. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    LiL e – Isn’t it, though? The video is amaaaaazing. As are your skiLLs. Can’t wait to see you in action in person!

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