Kogi NopaLitos Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

This week we have a grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich with Nopalitos. The bread is grilled until it is nice, crunchy, and light with the cheese melted on the inside.

We throw in some ham, nopalitos, salsa verde, and onions and we’ve got a damn tasty sandwich.


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  1. Deedub says:

    When you say that these are damn tasty, you weren’t kidding! I grabbed a couple of these at Naranja’s debut in Fullerton last night… mmm MMMM!!

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  3. Brandon B. says:

    Naranja needs to start at Noon!!!!! I’m hungry now!!!!! You’re missing the lunch crowd in the OC!!

  4. Julia says:

    I have not tried your ham and cheese special with nopalitos yet – I still need to try that, but tonight I had your “Coconut Lime Spam-a-Lot Shortrib Happy Burger, with griLLed mushrooms and chiLi onion goodness” special and that was so delish – I hope it gets added as a permanent menu item – thanks!

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