Kimchi Pastrami Melt

The heart of this special is caramelizing the pastrami and kimchi together to develop a deep flavor and then press it on the grill with some cheese. We then top it with 1st picked persimmons and arugula and a small dash of sesame mayo for this tasty melt.

To cleanse the palate we also pair this sandwich with our traditional Korean spicy pickle.


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  1. Kathy says:

    …this is absolutely amazing…hope it’s around for awhile!

  2. George says:

    Sounds Delicious. Hope you guys make a trip near Norwalk soon. Maybe even Bell or Maywood. That would be awesome.

  3. Dana says:

    100% drool-worthy. SO. GOOD.

  4. Deedub says:

    Oh, that looks AMAZING! Hope you can come back to Santa Fe Springs (Valley View & Stage) soon.

  5. jss1 says:

    This looks amazing! Somehow I have a feeling, just by looking at it that it will develop a cult following just as the Pinapple Chicken Torta did! Persimmons…nice! Well I will be off to Alfie to try it out tonight…I’ll give ya a review afterwards!

  6. Jim says:

    Just finished this. 5 stars

  7. Jules says:

    I just got my braces today…but screw it…I have to chomp down on that deliciousness. I’m so there in Torrance on Friday πŸ˜€

  8. jss1 says:

    This sammie was everything it looks to be and more! A classic deli pastrami with a little Kogi twist. I like how you didn’t try to reinvent the wheel and just put a fresh touch on an american favorite. Kimchi was a perfect addition to the Pastrami and not overpowering. the persimmons and arugula were fresh and tasty….this one could defintly give the The Hat or Johnnies a run for their money!

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  10. Nick says:

    Please bring a whole bunch of this tonight at Chatsworth. I’m bringing alot of friends over. Cuban pressed pork would be awesome too.

  11. μž₯재용 says:

    μ°½μ—…λΉ„μš©μ€// ν•œκ΅­μ„œ κ°€λŠ₯ν•œμ§€.

  12. This is an awesome recipe. Thanks for publishing it! I did a feature today on you in the Examiner

  13. Phillip says:

    μž₯재용 λ‹˜

    μ§ˆμ˜μ‚¬ν•­μ€ 으둜 ν•΄μ£Όμ‹­μ‹œμš”.

  14. Lisa says:

    My mouth is watering. No joke.

  15. naeiri says:

    i saw this sammich. i drooled. i hoped against hope you’d be in the la crescenta area today so i can taste this scrumptious concoction. i checked the schedule. my heart broke. the end.

  16. Neisius says:

    I had it on Friday and it was sooo good. Best Pastrami ever.
    My one recommendation would be to use a crustier bread. Something to stand up to the very juicy pastrami. My sandwich was a bit waterlogged.

  17. jason says:

    hope u keep this forever because i will not be able to try it for a month

  18. Sarkis Mahroukian (prim Jewelers) says:

    The Naranja truck is awesome!!!! Can’t wait to eat from it again tonite at prim Jewelers in Orange. Thanks uncle Roy keep up the good food!!!

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