How doth thou eateth a KoGi burrito?

Again.  Mood music.


Y’aLL know me by now, so I don’ t know why this is a surprise!


So, Natasha and I were out last night at MiracLe MiLe and happened upon a group of dudes waiting for some grub.  We got to taLking and noticed that one of the dudes had onLy gotten a singLe burrito and was just kinda hoLding it, like one wouLd a baby, whiLe everyone eLse was chowing down.

When we asked him why he wasn’t eating it, he waxed poetic on it: “I don’t like being rushed.”  It was reaL cute — because it was the kind of burrito he’d wait up to 45 minutes for, he likes to enjoy it in the privacy of his own home.

::raises eyebrow::

Ohhh yeah.  Y’aLL know where this is going.

When aLL was said and done, he emaiLed Natasha a photo.

Subject heading?  “THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.”

Take notes, peopLe.

Love, tacos and soft lighting,

P.S. I’m sorry, David, I’m sorry!  The video cut off in the middLe for some reason, so I couLdn’t put it up cuz it didn’t make a lick of sense.  Very cooL meeting your KoGi crew.  (( H U G ))


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  1. Derek Jeter's Cuzn says:

    “Don’t wAste the precious shortrib! It’s more vAluable thAn gold!”
    I Absolutely gottA try the SpAmBurgers next time.(perhAps by cAndlelight) :p
    you girLs are Awesome.. Defntly made my Kogi Night!

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