::wipes tears::

I’m sorry, I’m sorry guys.  I just had to share this with y’aLL!

Just like I sometimes like to show you some of the love and ridicuLousity I encounter on FB and Twitter, I wouLd like to extend it now to emaiL.


Love and tacos,

SUBJECT: website grammar

I love your food and your website, but I’m troubled by the grammar on your website.  The phrase “Where Kogi’s Trucks Are At” is completely incorrect.  The correct phrase is “Where Kogi’s Trucks Are.”
I hope you’ll make the correction.
**** *******

P.S. (( H U G )) I’m soooo not laughing at you, dude — I’m just laughing at what you WROTE. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — thanks for making my day! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.



0 Responses to EMAIL OF THE DAY :D

  1. Christi says:

    Now you HAVE to leave it incorrect.

  2. thedcc says:

    I wuld alzo lik to point oot your spellin stiks.

  3. mark says:

    its not correct what are u talking about

  4. elfandekogi says:

    A young man was walking across the Trojans’ campus and stopped a professor.

    “Excuse me, ma’am, can you tell me where the Kogi truck is at?”

    “At USC, we don’t ever end our sentences with a proposition; it’s bad grammar.”

    “I’m sorry, let me try again. Can you tell me where the Kogi truck is at, b***h?”

  5. michaeL says:

    peopLe stiLL type with big L’s? thats 1337 hax0r taLk from 2005!one!11

  6. eric says:

    Where you at, boi? Where’s alls y’all at? I at the truck, no I ain’t gonna bring you no damn tacos.

    Sounds fine to me. ^_^

  7. D says:

    I don’t get ALice, but she’s kinda cute. I want to get at her. Wait, what? How’s that for a grammarfuk?

  8. ss says:

    Don’t worry, you’re in the right (as said by a person whose profession is copy editing)! As presided by the Chicago Manual of Style, the ban on ending a sentence with a preposition is long gone: Feel free to forward the link along to those troubled by preposition endings.

    Be free my little preposition, be free.

  9. PONCH says:

    where will you guys be this afternoon???? im craving some kogi!!!!

  10. Gloria says:

    Whatever. Just make sure you come back to Manhattan Beach soon. I’ll be waiting.

  11. Cris Em says:

    I will just say it for you.


    and to all of the people I read, just fucking whining about EVERAY THANG – muthahfuckah – EVERAYTHANG!

    “STFU and enjoy your kogi”

    I think I may be PMS-ing, really. But I enjoyed Kogi. From the walking up, to the short shuffle to the window.

    People should be more greatful.

  12. Both you, Alice, and the email author are wrong. The email author is wrong by overlooking and perhaps, misunderstanding the whole cultural context. Alice is wrong by misusing Pop culture language/Ebonics. The correct wording should be: “Where Kogi’s trucks _is_ at?”


  13. ed says:

    Azul working VERY SLOW this afternoon!

  14. eric says:


    My apologies. I take full responsibility as the manager of that shift. We have 2 brand new cooks that were training today which means I lost 2 really fast cooks. I will work with these new cooks every day to bring Azul Lunch back up to speed. Tomorrow, we will be stronger and will continue to get stronger.

    Thank you for your patience.

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