Coming soon to an Asian grocery near you…

…if near you happens to be in Echo Park.

So sit back, reLax and enjoy the traiLer that shouLd have taken me 2 hours, but in reaLity it took me 12.  (PCs are no fans of MOV fiLes!  BLasted SD780 HD video onLy captures in MOV fiLes!  RICHARDFRETCHER!!!!11oneone)  I subsequentLy had some formatting, conversion and rendering probLemas.

ApoLogies in advance for the lack of subtítuLos and weird framing, but apparentLy my Adobe Premiere Pro has beef with me. We’ve been duking it out aLL night and this was the best I couLd muster.

Ya ready???

So YES!  Coming this October 24, we are kicking off a 3-week series w/ Robert Danhi w/ a few guest-starring cameos from a very speciaL friend of ours from JitLada.

More detaiLs shaLL be forthcoming in the next few days, but registration for Week 1 is up and running HERE. The tours are limited to groups of 10 peopLe so that everyone can have ampLe one-on-one time with Chef Roy/Papi, Robert Danhi and our fLavorite friend from JitLada. (WE LOVE YOU, JAZZ!!!!11oneone)

Of course, because Danhi is invoLved, not onLy wiLL you be receiving a dericiousLy practicaL bag of Southeast Asian goodies, but you’LL aLso be getting one of THESE highLy eLusive babies.  And no, you won’t have to buy it used from Amazon for  $1,209.42.  And yes, yes it is because we love you that much.

So come for the deboggLing of cuLinary conundrums…

Come to feed a heart that’s hungry…

Or come to the afternoon tours cuz  you’re in the mood for a littLe bit of sunshine and a lot of down home advice on how to work with Southeast Asian fLavors in your kitchen.

photo courtesy of EatingLA

You can aLso feeL totaLLy free to come by and say hi.  To me.  I’ll be hanging around the Asian snacks section.

Love, tacos and grocery tours,


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  1. babygirl says:

    come back to Long beach please :*(

  2. Jeni says:

    Where the hell are you all TODAY!!

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