Ride or Die Sweet and Sour Chicken — once it’s gone, it’s gone, peopLes

Okay dudes — stiLL doing our Kimchi SpamaLot MeLts this week, but Papi was distracted by his ADD again and came up w/ a KoGi Sweet and Sour Chicken speciaL.

UnLike the Kimchi Spam MeLt, this one is onLy avaiLabLe untiL it seLLs out today.

For $3, it ain’t too bad a deaL. And yesh, yesh they do cometh w/ summa those piLLow-soft corn tortiLLas on the side.

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to Ride or Die Sweet and Sour Chicken — once it’s gone, it’s gone, peopLes

  1. Kim says:

    that looks so damn good! too bad I have to work.

  2. armanisuit says:

    that looks delish!

  3. Dave says:

    Just had this tonight at the Pico-Sawtelle Best Buy and it was awesome! I think it definitely deserves consideration as a permanent menu item!!

    However, I was overcharged on my ticket! I was charged $37.35 for 3 sweet and sour chicken specials ($3 each), 1 short rib burrito ($5 each), 3 short rib tacos ($2 each) and 2 tres leches desserts ($4 each). I have the ticket with the order itemized and the $37.35 total. Can I get a credit back or something?

  4. Cris says:

    Good Morning Guys! I just saw the feature in GOURMET mag for October – CONGRATS!!!!! I can’t tell you how excite I am for you all. You all deserve the praise for such hard work and most of all for such an intimate and loving exuberance to culture and adventure.

    I can’t wait to stand in line this coming Saturday and introduce your creations to my travel companions.

    Much love and prosperity to you all.

  5. Papi says:

    I just spoke with Luis and he did over charge the special at Best Buy.
    He truly apologizes. He got confused with the sandwich special.
    Please come by anytime and we will repay you the difference.

    Thank you for your support and honesty,


  6. angela says:

    sweet and sour chicken special sounds really good but only for one day?! no more sharing the love of chicken? 🙁

  7. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot Papi! Kogi never stopped getting my love!

  8. Fish says:


  9. papi says:

    watch out Northridge and Hawthorne…..
    Kogi just might strike again SOON


  10. Ed. C says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ, i have to eat some Kogi >.<

  11. Ed. C says:

    Plz stop by Diamond Bar or Walnut

  12. Kurumi Y. says:

    I follow your twitter religiously and I stopped by verde @ Shorelounge on thursday. To my surprise, the trucks wouldn’t serve only several minutes after 12! Disappointment has filled me for the past two days 🙁 Raincheck or discount please?

  13. Papi says:

    Diamond Bar, don’t sleep…..
    Papi got you!
    Take a look at next week when the new schedule goes up.

    Thanks for da support.

  14. akaider says:

    kogi got specials for days 🙂

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