Cuban Pressed Pork Sandwich

Story of my LIFE.  I’ve lost the charger for my digitaL cam and am contempLating getting a new charger for my 5-year-oLd cLunker or getting a newer one on eBay.

So y’aLL wiLL have to wait untiL my dear brother takes some tasty shots of this week’s speciaL.

In the meantime, I shaLL entice you with a story.  A bedtime story.  Of a speciaL.  A speciaL named Cuban Pressed Pork Sandwich.

Once upon a time, there was a bun of Pan BLanco.  A piLLow-soft, innocent loaf of angeLs’ bread fresh from the warm confines of a simpLe baker’s oven.


It was a quick and siLent death.  Witnesses caught but the quick fLash of a cook’s knife and two, snow-white ovaLettes faLLing away from the unforgiving bLade of the kitchen guiLLotine.

Two hands grabbed the symmetricaL, soft remains of Pan BLanco and shoved them face down on a redhot griLL.  Fat sLices of juicy red summer tomatoes and spicy pork gathered ’round to mourn her death.  But before they couLd pay their proper respects, the Hands of Death snatched her from her grave and sLathered her insides with fatty, unctuous gLobs of chiLi mayo.

The tomatoes and spicy pork sizzLed in a horrified protest.

The Hands returned to shoveL the mourners into the saLty sweet hug of the stiLL-warm body of Pan BLanco.  A generous, meLting shred of jack and cheddar cheeses and a smother of saLsa verde permanentLy seaLed their voices — as weLL as their coLLective fates.

The press of a hot, stainLess steeL spatuLa finished the job.

The End

You can purchase this story of fate, injustice and tasty death for $7 this week.

Love, tacos and murdered sammiches,


0 Responses to Cuban Pressed Pork Sandwich

  1. Eric says:

    For the love of all that is holy and good, please come to San Diego.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh my that sammie sounds heavenly cant wait to see pic…

  3. canadamike says:

    story of fate, injustice and tasty death… hahaha Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice you kill me. Can’t wait to try it.

  4. Donovan says:

    JUST HAD ONE. DELICIOUS!!!!! better than any philly cheese steak i’ve ever had aha.

  5. K says:

    I died and went to Torta heaven tonight I swear…

  6. jss1 says:

    Chef Roy,

    I had one of these at the Alfie stop yesterday and while it was good it was inconsistent from what is described on the site here. What I had was like a pork version of the Alibi Torta or sliders. It was missing the tomatoes, grilled onions and salsa verde as pictureed here. Also the cheese was almost no existent and it was loaded with the Kogi signature salad. While I have to say there was a very generous amount of pork on the sandwhich I was disappointed because I wanted what I saw here on the site. I usually make an effort to come out weekly to try the all of the specials and have noticed inconsistency across the board with ingredients varying. Is this a case of the kitchen not being trained properly on how to make the specials or them just forgetting to put all of the toppings on? Can this be addressed?
    You have to realize that when you post this amazing pictures on the site with descriptions and ingredients that make us drool that we are going to be expecting what we see in the pics….

  7. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Eric – I don’t know if our trucks can make the excursion! Verde, Roja and AzuL have aLready had their fair share of trips to the ICU w/ busted engines and the like. >__<

  8. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Kim – Your wish is our command.

    canadamike – ::cocks head to the side:: Wai, oh wai, doth I oh-so-automaticaLLy like youse??

    Donovan – That is quite an impressive assessment, given that it is neither from PhiLLy nor a cheesesteak! I ruv it!

    K – I am jeaLous. I have yet to try one! They ran out of them before their shift was over!!

    jss1 – I wiLL let Chef Roy answer this, but just know that we’re a truck and we do what we can. We stock as much as wiLL possibLy fit onto the truck, but sometimes we run out. For exampLe — the pineappLe chicken torta speciaL was so popuLar last week that we ran out of pineappLe earLy pretty often and had to improvise with whatever was left on the truck. When it gets that busy and the peopLe are that hungry and when everyone is under that much pressure, instead of cLosing up shop or taking it off the menu entireLy, the staff bends over backwards to make a doLLar out of fifteen cents, a taco out of 3 ingredients, etc. But we’LL see if we can be a littLe more transparent w/ what is avaiLabLe, tho!

  9. Uncle Roy says:

    the staff has been trained on the pressed pork sandwich.
    But I will do it again with the azul truck.
    They mix the grilled onions with the pork and they should have applied both spreads but I will look into it.
    I had them add the salad because they called me and said they ran out of tomatoes.
    I’ve bulked up the tomatoes for 2day.
    Good lookin out and I will address immediately.
    Kogi is not trying to be a tease, I swear 🙂
    I will focus more on the consistency of the specials.
    Much love,
    Uncle Roy

  10. Kenny says:

    Roy, Whats up wit dat? today 9/11 and you again running out of tomatoes when you said that they BULKED UP? duh oh man come on…

    anyway, its still good stuff, new FAV!

  11. Papi says:


    Chef is dead…..
    Which truck were you at?
    Looks like we will have to prep even more tomatoes!
    Thought it would be enough, sorry man.
    Glad you liked it though..

    We will keep it coming, maybe someday we will get it right, maybe not….


  12. dandan says:

    ok….i’ve asked twice…maybe it does’nt matter because i’m a thousand plus miles away..believe me..there is nothing i would like more than to eat this wonderful food..i’m a HUGE fan via the internet thanks to seeing kogi @ tasting table…all i want right now is info on how to purchase a kogi tee shirt.please.

    a fan named dan from back east.

  13. papi says:


    damn dan, sorry we slipped on you…
    all you gotta do is email and she will set up payment and ship the shirt to you.
    On a crazy note, Papi is going to NYC next week for a couple of days, if you live in the Tri-State Area maybe I can hand deliver it to you.


  14. puzzled says:

    What’s with all the capital “L”s?

    Is your keyboard broken?

    Or do you think it is cute?

  15. dandan says:

    papi..thanks so much for your response…i truly appreciate it..
    i do live in a tri-state area..but it’s near pittsburgh,pa..a wonderful city rich in ethnic heritage and full of great food..i live in wheeling,wv..right on the ohio river…so the tri is ohio,
    west virginia,and pennsylvania…so if you are driving I-70 right through wheeling…let me know!!!! i’ll get in touch with alice!
    thanks again

  16. khoi says:

    this is the real deal. i had this last night and WOWWWWWWWW it is so fucking good. first time eating at kogi’s and they really do live up to their hype. not only was it really good but i was actually pretty full.

  17. eric says:

    @puzzled – Easy way to differentiate capital “i’s” and lower case “L’s” on san serif font. It’s Alice’s style of blogging.

  18. Timothy says:

    Good LORD, can you please stop doing the capital “L” thing? I think everyone over the age of 6 is intelligent enough to differentiate an I from an L in pretty much any font. The food looks great, the business concept is great, the food tastes good, but this blog drives me nuts trying to read it!

    Alice can write the next Tom Clancy novel for all I care or move on to be Perez Hilton, but for the love of all that is Holy, stop the cpaital Ls!!!

  19. hungry says:

    i Like the capitaL eL’s…signature styLE!!!

  20. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    capitaL L’s shaLL ruLeth forevermore.

    hath sir Timmy not reaLize that he hath stumbLed upon a land of whimsy where grammar is but the imaginary friend of this bLog?

    but the irritation the L’s incite doth amuse me.

    p.s. can u teLL that i was the weird girL in schooL???
    p.p.s. onLy now, through the magicaL wonders of the internet, there are no mean girLs to jump me after schooL. SCORE!!!111oneone

  21. Answering on a blog commonly isn’t my thing, but i’ve spent an hour on the internet site, so thanks for the great info Greetings.

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