oh, i see, nyc

YES.  It is TRUE.  Tomorrow morning Chef Roy, aka Papi, Natasha and I are going to NYC for the weekend.  Hence the cute suitcase.

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WHYYYYYYYYYY are Natasher, Papi and I going to NY for the weekend?!!!11oneone

As some of you may not aLready know, we’re being given an award from Bon Appetit for “being true innovators as grassroots guerrilla restaurateurs.”

As you aLL can imagine, this is about as dope as a soap on a rope.  Lavender-scented.

I didn’t post on this before because I didn’t want to toot our own too many times.  StiLL, this award reaLLy is something that’s fLoored us here at KoGi.

For Bon Appetit to have given this award to not just a taco truck, but an LA taco truck, says something.  I won’t wax poetic on it too much, but times are a-changing and it’s definiteLy given us a lot to think about.

SimpLy, the recognition for the innovation of a food scene, for being grassroots and for utiLizing gueriLLa tactics teLLs us a lot about Los AngeLes and a lot about a change in the cuLture of food consciousness.  Maybe this indicates that we are heading for an era in which there wiLL be a more direct and immediate connection between the diners and the kitchen.  Maybe this suggests that it’s okay now for a restaurant to take its food super seriousLy whiLst not taking its pubLic persona haLf as seriousLy.

None of us know in concrete terms what exactLy this means, but we’d like to thank Bon Appetit for recognizing us for the grubby, baLLs-to-the-waLLs taco truck that we are.  We may not provide bottLe service or bread baskets, but we do know how to make a heLLuva great taco.

LA — just know that we are there to represent “that sunshine state with a bomb ass hemp beat/the state where ya never find a dance floor empty…”  Even though the award is officiaLLy going to KoGi, reaLLy, it’s because of this city that we’re even abLe to accept it.  So thank YOU, Los AngeLes — for making this even possibLe.


CaLifornia loooooooooove and tacos,

P.S. Papi’s going to this Star Chef’s conference thing whiLe we’re in NYC and DAMN, I took one look at the featured menu items and aLmost sLipped into another food coma.  My inner fat kid is gonna be sooooo happy this weekend.  ^__ ^  For the curious, I shaLL copy and paste some of it por vouz…

Gourmet Burger Bar: Organic Grass-Fed Beef Sliders with a Selection of Condiments and Tastes with Chef Kenny Walpole, C.E.C of AccuTemp Products

The Adult Ice Cream Float with Hoegaarden Real Liége Waffles with Dinges with featured Chef Bart Vandaele of Belga Cafe

Slow Roasted Japanese Style Nagano Single Ribbed Boneless Pork Loin (Rosu) with Rosemary, Balsamic and Whole Seed Mustard Rub with Michael Young of Canada Pork International

“Egg” – Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Maple, Maldon Sea Salt and Caramelized White Chocolate, Pistachio Cream, Lemon Sponge with featured Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis of Le Bernardin

Caiprinhas with Pure, Perfectly Shaped Ice with Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim of The Modern Mixologist

Saffron & Smoked Ricotta Panna Cotta, Santoreggio Honey Gelee
Marcelli Formaggi

New Zealand Green Shell Mussels with Caper and Brown Butter Vinaigrette, Seared Beef Strip Loin with Togarashi Mayonnaise Jazz Apple and Caramel Trifle with Cinnamon Doughnut with featured Chef Josh Emmett of Gordon Ramsay at The London

A Salute to New England with Crab & Shrimp Cakes with Mango Sauce paired with Yuzu Luxe Lemonade

Southern dish: Meat and 3, Mustard Greens, Peas and Okra, Sweet Potato with New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and Sweet Drop Biscuit with featured Chef Tenney Flynn of GW Fins and Chef Michael Williams


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  1. hannahrenee. says:

    Congrats! But, question–why do you capitalize the ‘l’ like that?

  2. unknown says:

    Florida is the “sunshine state” California is the “golden state”. However, good luck in NY!^^

  3. TheFantasticalNinja says:

    Dear Unknown,

    They were just quoting Dr. Dre from the song California Love. You need to call Dr. Dre and let him now about the error that he made on a song that was number 1 for two weeks on Billboards top 100.

    To Kogi Team: Congrats! Live it up! Live it up!

  4. Lupe says:

    Well even if California as the Golden state, it is quit sunny the majority part of the year. It’s hardly ever cloudy (and if it is, it’s only for a couple of hours).
    Anyway, Congrats guys & gals. Yep, to receive an honor from Bon Appetit is quite an honor. You guys are great and your efforts have paid off. Felicidades Kogi BBQ! Hope you are having fun in NY.

  5. I was just there last weekend. Hope to see you in about 2 weeks back to LA for a weekend!

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