Sorry dudes for the lack of pictures — but hopefuLLy that wiLL be rectified w/in 24 hours.  Just a lot of running around, BUT I reaLLy, reaLLy wanted to give y’aLL a head’s up on Beth KeLLerhaLs’ new signature dessert.

TentativeLy we are caLLing it the ChocoLate Tres Leches Cake con Tapioca MiLk Pudding and Toffee Spiced Nut Peanut BrittLe. But let me teLL youse, there is a LOT more dericiousness where that came from.

First off you’ve got the fLuffiest, siLky-moist deviL’s food chocoLate cake I’ve ever tasted.  The cake aLone meLts into a rich, smooth cream that coats the insides of your mouth.  The cake is snuggLed inside an aLuminum container fiLLed with a pooL of tres leches infused with cinnamon, cayenne and vaniLLa bean. As it is left to soak in aLL that cream, condensed miLk and fatty goodness, Beth then impregnates the the cake with a thick bLob of tapioca miLk pudding.

The thirsty bosom of chocoLatey cinnamon love is bathed in a littLe more tres leches.  It’s then finished with an unforgivingLy generous rain of spiced peanut brittLe that parties it up w/ bits of toffee, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa PebbLes.

And aLL this is… $4.

Lemme teLL youse, I ate this today and it’s most definiteLy got the ALice seaL of approvaL.  It tastes reaLLy, reaLLy chocoLatey GOOD off the bat — but then the spices hit you and then lingers w/ notes of carameL and toffee in the aftertaste.


The name’s a bit long, so we might shorten it to the ChocoLate Tres Leches or Tres Leches de ChocoLate. Whaddaya think?

Love, tacos and chocoLate bosoms soaked in cinnamon miLk,



  1. Greg says:

    How about calling it Choco-tres.

  2. juanito says:

    Tap leche choco pie DONE!

  3. friends from fremont says:

    just got one from azul on west sunset and it was ah-mahzing! SO moist with a nice lingering flavor of the spicy-cinnamon peanut brittle, leaving your taste buds wanting more! definitely a must have!

    it made our first kogibbq experience spectacular! we vote for ‘cup of goodness’

  4. Lisa says:

    All I can say is we had this dessert tonight and it is AWESOME!! So good!!

  5. 310 uncle buck says:


    Say it 3 times fast and it sounds Jap/Mex baby!!

  6. jonathan says:


  7. Alps says:

    OMG please make this a permanent feature!!! Or keep it til next weeeeeeek

  8. sc says:

    You should sell a specialty drink like boba. It will certainly complement your food!

  9. linda says:

    give us a sneak peek please!! a picture!!!!

  10. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Greg – reminds me of ChocoPie… except it’s not a pie. buh… not that Chocopie’s a pie exactLy either…

    Lisa – isn’t it though? i love how the fLavors and textures hit you in different stages at varying intensities – from the miLd, miLky tapioca bLob to the saLted spiced nut brittLe.

    310 uncLe buck – not that the memory of coLoniaLism haunts my peace of mind like dirty smudges on a freshLy Windexed window, but i’d prefer a KorMex coLLabo, hands DOWN.


    ALps – you are in luck, for this is going to become a stapLe KoGi dessert… depending upon the response.

    SC – hey, wanna heLp us find one of those pLastic wrapper machine thingies for those pLastic cups of jeLLied bubbLes?

    linda – TOTAL FAIL. ::ga-DUNK!:: unfortunateLy for us both, we are out of desserts to take pictures of! i had my oh-so-competent-Gemini-of-a-brother take a reaLLy nice photo of it — onLy to have him forget to emaiL it to me before leaving for his Labor Day Weekend roadtrip to SF. NO PICTURAS TIL MONDAY NIGHT, mah frenn. :*(

  11. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    juanito – tap that leche choco pie. TAP IT. 😉

    friends from fremont – FreMONT!!! “Cup o Goodness” — not to be mistaken for “Cup O NoodLes… Chicken FLavor.” ::thinks:: Ah lahks it.

  12. Kimberly D. says:

    Sounds too good Alice! Anticipating Roja in La Crescenta on Sat. Drool. NICE!

  13. Victoria says:

    oh man, i tried this yesterday.

    nice work. 🙂

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