ROUND 3: KoGi – Looking For Kitchen and Truck Managers

They do say that 3rd time’s the charm, right? As y’aLL know, it takes more than a résumé to catch our eye.  Yes, we love peopLe who have kitchen experience, but we are aLso looking for peopLe with the hunger, loyaLty, drive and personaLity to back one of our trucks.

Here’s a rundown of the managers we’ve got on our team to give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

  • YoungHo/Steve: resident ladies’ man and manager of the AzuL night run.  Smooth taLker, great with handLing money, exceLLent at running a weLL-oiLed machine.  Proactive thinker, protective of his staff, super good at communication, and aLways on top of his game.
  • Jae: Night runs are his game and Verde is his truck name.  (ApoLogies for the awkward rhyme.)  Soft-spoken, uber-sweet, infiniteLy hardworking and ring leader of everybody’s fLavorite KoGi goons and buffoons.  He aLso mans the quickest-working crew KoGi’s seen since… EVER — which makes the fact that he leads a life of fLat tires and tow trucks aLL the more forgiveabLe.
  • Luis – aka Super Gerente.  He’s aLso known as our newest and fastest rising star for the Roja night runs.  Give him superbLy “vintage” truck, a green crew and the driver’s seat and he wiLL give you a run for your money.  Smart, personabLe and aLways and forever fLexibLe.  Super strengths: he’s aLways proactive — if there’s a probLem, he figures out how to fix it.
  • Big Mike: cooL, meLLow, hardworking and an infinite source of motherLy love on the Roja lunch runs.  He’s a fun, patient, vibrantLy vivacious guy who expects just as much from his crew as he does from himseLf.  ALso, very good at reaching for stuff.
  • Mike Semaza: aka Baby Boom Boom RazzLe DazzLe Semaza.  For our Verde day runs, we’ve got both security and management in one beautifuL package of sunshine.  The key thing that stands out in my mind is HEART — cuz he’s got a lot of it.
  • Eric: Everyone’s overLy-cautious, camera-wieLding littLe brother that everyone wants to protect.  GenuineLy passionate, opinionated and naiveLy innocent funny medium-sized dude, everyday is a new adventure, every morning is like his first day of schooL.


Think you’d make a good fit to our fam?  Let us know!

Some caveats: physicaL labor is an important part of the job, as are long hours and very uncompetitive pay.  (We’re stiLL a smaLL company!  And new!)  But we can promise you are reaLLy cooL work environment, great peopLe and, if you show us that you can puLL more than your own weight, an opportunity to grow aLong w/ the company.  We’re stiLL a super new business, so though we can’t promise you a lot immediateLy in terms of a huge cash fLow, we can promise you a dynamic experience, life skiLLs, lessons in common sense and so much more to come.

YES, you wiLL be hands-on when it comes to driving the truck, taking the orders and griLLing th food.  So NO, it isn’t super posh or gLamorous, for your life shaLL be tied to the weLLbeing of a spunky fresh taco truck.  No secretaries to take your caLLs or interns to massage the meats w/ marinade for you.  StiLL, it’s an honest day’s work, a huge learning experience and chance to become a part of the KoGi fam.

So are you KoGi materiaL?  Take a look at the criteria we shaLL be wanting for you to fuLfiLL.

-natural leader
-street savvy
-have excellent communication and customer service skills
-have driver’s license and impeccable driving record
-have flexible schedule

-have food and beverage experience (FOH or BOH)
-understand basic sanitation laws
-speak Spanish
-BE VERY GOOD WITH GEOGRAPHY.  Having a Thomas Guide programmed into your brain matter wouLd be so very heLpfuL.

Career Changers welcome
Start immediately
All Interviews September 7-11
Please send resumes to

Love, luck and tacos,

P.S. See you on the lot???


26 Responses to ROUND 3: KoGi – Looking For Kitchen and Truck Managers

  1. izzy says:

    Awesome, finally coming to Orange County!

  2. Brian Social says:

    OC, whatever. Come to Ventura Blvd!


  4. Jay says:

    I can tell. It is really fun and coooooooooooool expierence

  5. armanisuit says:

    are you guys hiring full time eaters? I am available.

  6. eric says:

    All our staff are full time eaters. ^^

  7. David Stern says:

    Roy Choi is my hero, I think

  8. Arizona says:

    Are u hiring for San Diego?

  9. Kenny says:

    Brian Social!!?

    uh huh! whatever Brian, as if Ventura Blvd. is any better? I’ll probably ding up my rims trying to cross every pothole in the road! Just bring Kogi down to O.C.

  10. Alex Son says:

    Oh man i would like to work but im guessing i would have to find my own transportation right?
    and plus i think im too young..

    and give eric the azul lunch guy my regards
    he is dope and hilarious!
    hope to eat off your cart and chill with you once again.

  11. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    is there a frequent applyers discount or something???

  12. christine wong says:

    what’s up with the male managers..where are the females!

  13. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    christine wong — WHAR IS YOUR APPLICATION?!!!

  14. ken says:

    are you guys hiring in new york city? i heard a kogi truck is coming out this way? if so, please let me know if there’s any opportunity! i’d be perfect for the job!

  15. eric says:

    Christine Wong – surprisingly, more men apply for the truck manager positions and more women apply for our office positions. It’s almost as if there’s a statistical correlation between the jobs men and women are more inclined to apply for.

  16. wow says:

    Wow. Kogi invasion. There are about 1,000 new lunch trucks coming onto the market in the next 6 months. Gonna have some competition, especially with some of these pro chef truck owners. Looking forward to this as a consumer! Brazilian bbq truck, Seoul on Wheels, fishlips, calbeebbq, kung fu taco (Chinese food taco famous in San Francisco) etc. etc.

  17. Youngho says:

    Wow thx for the kind words about me! very motivating to work harder! You know how long I had to flex for that pic?!?!?! lol

  18. Jay says:

    Female truck manager will be coooooool!!!

    I believe that truck will be best in Kogi……

  19. wow says:

    My favorite is Jae! He’s awesome. I especially like the way he explained to me that watermelon dessert last week in La Mirada. Hahaha. Very cute! Is he single?

  20. yumi says:

    to wow: i believe jay/jae is single. haha. hence him encouraging a female truck manager to join the kogi family (above your comment). 🙂

  21. Big E says:

    Ya Jay……Thats my Dawg !!!

  22. A.Y says:

    We are HUGE fans of YoungHo. He has excellent management skills, super friendly, and cool. We are going to be president of his fan club.

  23. Jay says:

    Congraturation YoungHo!!! Now I envy you!!!! 😛

    Thank you WOW!! My English is still broken thank you for saying that!!! Yes I’m SINGLE 🙂

  24. Youngho says:

    I wonder who A.Y. is?!

  25. Jenny says:

    Do kitchen managers have to drive the truck?…. honestly that is the one thing holding me back from applying

  26. Steve sims says:

    Interested in working on a truck

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