CLarification: Looking For INTERNS, Not EmpLoyees. INTERNS. INTERNS!!!!11oneone

**EDITED TO ADD:  For those who are are a littLe unsure as to what an internship is for or what it means, this Wikipedia excerpt may be of use:

An intern (also known in Quebec English as stagiaire) is one who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, making it similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. Internships provide the employers with cheap or free labor for (typically) low-level tasks, and also the prospect of interns returning to the company after completing their education and requiring little or no training.

An internship may be either paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend)…Internships may be part-time or full-time; typically they are part-time during the university year and full-time in the summer, and they typically last 6–12 weeks, but can be shorter or longer. The act of job shadowing may also constitute as interning.




HonestLy, I thought I couLd do it.  BLog, start our youtube channeL, FB, Twitter, jump on the trucks, arrange the press, heLp Beth out in the kitchen, go to meetings, pick up tshirts, do inventory, emaiL foLLow-ups, invest time into new projects, meet with some reaLLy creative cats on some cooL coLLaborations — BUT NO.  NO, I CANNOT DO IT ALL.  I NEED HELP.


So what we’re looking for are some bright-eyed, bushy-taiLed interns to give us a hand with the workLoad.  It aLso heLps if you’re of the proactive variety that takes initiative and knows how to figure things out whiLst muLtitasking because — who knows?  Maybe the perfect position wiLL eventuaLLy reveaL itseLf to you at KoGi.

How many interns do we need?  4!

What do we need from you?
1) Access to a car.
(You may be required to drive from point A to point W and/or anywhere in between.)
2) 15-20 hours a week.  OptimaLLy, it’d be 3 days a week, Mon-Sat, for at least 5 hours per day.
3) Be wiLLing to get down and dirty every so often.  On a side note: being an interesting, reLiabLe, amazing person is not a requirement, but is most definiteLy a pLus!
4) Located anywhere in between EagLe Rock and CuLver City.
(It might be too far a drive for OC peopLes.)

Interested in appLying?  Here’s what you do:
1) SeLect what kind of internship you’re appLying for.

2) Send your resume and cover letter to

That’s it!  ALso a littLe personaLity, pep and spunk wiLL onLy add to your initiaL cover letter/emaiL.  FOR I SHALL BE READING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Good for: peopLe who are interested in inventory, numbers, accounting and figuring out the nuts and boLts to running a smaLL business.  ALso, it’s great for peopLe who like to have a home base to work out of.  There isn’t a lot of traveL invoLved aLong the 101 freeway anytime in the foreseeabLe future.

Good for: peopLe who don’t mind working… for me!  I am looking for someone who is fairLy tech-oriented to take care of some long distance tweets if I’m not cLose to the internet, understands the basics of video editing — or isn’t averse to hoLding a camera, heLping me get back to or foLLow up w/ every singLe tweet sent our way and comment left on our bLog, introduce or heLp deveLop new ideas for bLog posts or FB page, etc.  I encourage the more creativeLy-minded individuaLs to appLy for THIS ONE.

Good for: everything in between — and THEN some!  You shaLL be doing business, marketing, possibLe jumping on the trucks, deLivering shirts, heLping out in the kitchen in emergency situations, sending out emergency tweets in case aLL eLse faiLs, searching for the first aid kit in case Monica accidentaLLy cuts her beyoootifuL hands again, checking emaiLs and sorting them out — you are going to be our ride-or-die intern.  And possibLy the most beLoved.


So y’aLL might be seeing a lot of THIS:

But aLso be heLping out a lot with summa THAT:



Good for: peopLe who don’t mind quirky, adorabLy most awesome pastry chefs like our Beth KeLLerhaLs.  The hourLy requirement may be more or less for this internship, as it foLLows the structure of most kitchen internships.  We wouLd love for this intern to be part of a cuLinary program, so that when Beth asks this person for the mise en pLace or to temper the chocoLate, that person wiLL know what to do, no questions asked.

Good luck!  We hope to pay you aLL in love, tacos and/or schooL credit.  Write me!

Love and tacos,


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  1. Ex Customer says:

    You will be hard pressed to find 4 fools to work for free. Not even the illegal immigrants would take this offer.
    How about you turning into a foodbank and give your food for free.
    You greedy fucks!!!!

  2. WhyFree? says:

    You guys should know better. You’re in the food business, but importantly a business. When people get paid, it helps everyone and creates a better economy. I like you guys and what you do but an unpaid internship in the food business, don’t be cheap.

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Ex Customer and WhyFree? — Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Have either of you ever partaken in an internship? There are internships out there that are paid and unpaid. 4 out of 5 of the internships I’ve undertaken have been unpaid and weren’t all that stimulating. It was mostly getting coffee, reading bad scripts, picking up dry cleaning, buying office supplies, etc. Once in a while, when I wasn’t doing something mind numbingly rote, I’d get to write some copy here and there.

    Most kitchen internships are unpaid.

    But then again, these are INTERNSHIPS and not JOBS. I capitalize not to condescend, but to stress that there is a difference. There are over 50 full-time employees who get paid full-time. But they are employees, not interns.

    But before we get into what an intern does, let’s talk about what an internship is and why it exists.

    The point of an internship is to gain valuable experience in the work world before getting a job in that particular field or to decide whether or not the industry you are getting into is right for you.

    Why does Kogi need interns? Well, for multiple reasons. From a business perspective, yes — it is nice to have some extra hands around. To keep prices as affordable as possible and as a growing company, no, we can’t afford to hire on a full-time admin assistant at the moment. Also, we need people who can do more than just administrative tasks. We need proactive people who are passionate about learning about our company. From a human perspective, there are a lot of people out there curious about the food and marketing industry, but aren’t sure as to whether it’s the right career shift for them. An internship will help them answer that question.

    TRUST me, any of the future interns will be exposed to WAY MORE than picking up dry cleaning and coffee. It will actually be a VERY hands-on experience where they are going to learn everything they will probably need to learn about a fresh, young start-up. Instead of meaningless, mind numbing, dull tasks — it’s going to be something new and fresh everyday that’s going to stimulate them from all angles.

    I don’t know about you, but my personal experience with internships haven’t been all that stimulating and hardly provided me with any skills that I could realistically apply to the workplace after I graduated from college. Or even grad school!

    Not only will these internships be super fun, but they will be relevant to the ones applying for the positions. Interested in what goes into marketing? There’s a position for that. Interested in the business angle of things? There’s a position for that. Not sure which one you want to go for? There’s a position for that one as well.

    Internships are a vital way for someone with a lot of spunk but not a lot of experience to learn important skills and get his or her foot in the door.

    PEOPLE DO NOT APPLY FOR INTERNSHIPS TO MAKE MONEY. And even paid internships run on stipends of either 100 bucks a month or — if you’re lucky! — 10 bucks an hour.

    Think about it this way — see the director of business and marketing? The one arranging and handling all those responsibilities under that jurisdiction? The one at all of our big meetings and an integral part of all of our projects?

    Well, she started as an intern. Unpaid. The thing is, she was so passionate about who we were as a company, so hungry to leave her cushy, corporate job for the food world that she interned for us full-time while still working full-time at her other job.

    Talent and hunger speak for themselves.

    We’re not interested in hiring people who are doing this for the money.

    Do you want to leave your 9-5 job, have something exciting to look forward to after graduating, learn about the food industry? If the answer’s YES, then DUDE, you need to find an internship at a place that can answer all your questions with direct experience.

    If we were hiring purely for labor purposes and taking on employees, then YES, absolutely, I would understand the beef you have with this post.

    But that’s not what we’re offering.

    Hopefully this clears up any misunderstandings.

  4. Laren says:

    Wow, I know the economy sucks but I can’t believe people are getting up in arms over unpaid internships. I see TONS of ads for unpaid internships all the time, and students and recent grads snapping them up every day- one of my friends just took on an unpaid internship in the fashion industry, actually.

    I’d be all over this opportunity if I were driving. 🙁

  5. Lizzie says:

    Alice, well said. Are these ppl for real? If I didn’t already have a job I would work for kogi for free!!!! Love your business plan. Keep it up!!! By the way, internships are for learning and that is invaluable. Sheez.

  6. Patty says:

    Ah man I would love to be paid with Kogi tacos 😉 if I didn’t have to be at my job 24/7. Hope you find an awesome person it sounds like a great opportunity.

  7. Joe says:

    Umm, I already see the excuses by your supporters.
    “Id be all over this opportunity if I were driving”
    “if i didnt already have a job I would work for free”
    “if i didnt have to be at my job 24/7” LOL

  8. Oz says:

    Alice, you wouldn’t need so many interns if you didn’t feel the need to respond to every dumbass with an opinion out there. But then again, you wouldn’t be so awesome either.

  9. Neisius says:

    Unpaid internships are actually illegal. If the intern is contributing in any way to your company then they must be paid. Legally unpaid interns can only re-do work that has already been done by a paid employee or work that is of no benefit to the company.

    PS: I’m an intern and I make $49k/year + full medical + free schooling 😉

  10. KIM says:


  11. ALEX says:

    Man I swear, internships nowadays would be for something like a well known restaurant or something that has to do with a person’s degree or a career you are pursuing; not working in a taco truck!!! you koreans think you are sooo damn clever by saying you gain experience or what not, for what? to work at a taco place? illegal immigrants get those jobs without experience you fools. i used to love kogi tacos but after seeing this stupid ad, i wont follow anymore. internship??? hahaha what a bunch of idiots!!!!

  12. Cindy says:

    Wow. Intense people. It’s like TV or the Radio…if you don’t like it, change the channel. You people are not doing your hearts any good with this kind of stress. Let Kogi and the people interested in interning go about their lives and get back to enjoying your life.

  13. Neisius says:

    I’m just warning you guys that it’s illegal. I still love Kogi!

  14. SuzieQ says:

    I would’nt mind being an intern. I need the referrals and I am a buss. major. It’s all about exposure folks andd this seems like a great opportunity! 😀
    I have some much needed creative energy to release my Kogi pals.

  15. SuzieQ says:

    P.S internships are perfectly legal duh

  16. MW says:

    “We hope to pay you aLL in love, tacos and/or schooL credit.”

    They are getting paid, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  17. Betty A.k.A KOGI STALKER :) says:

    Alive I love the kogi tofu tacos,sliders, burritos, quesadillas, and 3 leches chocolate cake it’s so effin bomb! My GF is vegan and she too loves the tofu tacos! I want to be the floater! I’d be so perfect for the job! And I have tons of ideas that I think would be helpful to kogi! And yes I know I should apply and send in a resume. I’m just scared not to get it LOL 🙂

  18. Betty A.k.A KOGI STALKER :) says:

    I meant to write Alice not alive sorry…..

  19. If we go on value vs value on the merits of internship for a food service industry, I think this is a low as you can go and in addition, you want them to provide their own vehicles.

    Please don’t compare this opportunity to say like interning at say a Michelin star restaurant.

    While I commend you for your balls in creatively trying to find free labor, I hope you realize the level of interns that you will get. The smart and reliable people who you are targeting will go somewhere else.

  20. I have numerous problems with my browser Abolimba on your website. The monkeys are in the page :(.

  21. Job Seeker says:

    Wonder if you found a sucker to do this. If you want someone to work for you, and give the company respect, then you need to pay them. Sure they can get “school credit”, but that is for major businesses with big names. No one interns at McDonalds or Jack in The Box.

    If you want respect, give respect and pay people.

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