We make our burritos with the same signature meat in our tacos and mix it up with hashbrowns, softly scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, chopped onions and cilantro and chiffonade romaine and cabbage lettuce tossed in Korean chili-soy vinaigrette.   Add a pinch of sea salt, a dash of our sesame-chili salsa roja sauce and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and you are set to be SATIATED.

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  1. minjoo says:

    u should add desserts, like hota or red bean paste cakes. + get some yakimandu/empanada hybrid goin’ on. : )

  2. chef roy says:

    great ideas, thank you for your support of Kogi.
    i have tried a hoduck special and have been thinking about mandoo and bingsoo in the summer. please visit us and look out for the specials.

    chef roy

  3. First timer says:

    mmm…hoduck!!! It’s so hard to find & soooo deeelish!

  4. absolute beginer says:

    just thinking if you stuffed mandoo with your short rib or pork meat that I would have no life as it would only involve tracking your trucks so that I could buy enough of them to last until the next day and the cycle would begin again.

  5. JH says:

    first-timer last night @ little tokyo. great food!!! i can’t wait to go again.

  6. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    YAH! Yer weLcome back anytime, dude.

  7. JARED says:

    Hey guys Ive been wanting to come soo bad and thursday night at the alibi truck will be my first night.What time will the truck in culver city be there till??

  8. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    ahhhh… ya know what? I wiLL answer that in my next bLog. which wiLL be 15 minutes from now. yaaaaaaaar!

  9. FGP says:

    I just heard a feature story about the rave on NPR.

    I’m jealous!! When are you guys setting up shop here in New York!!

  10. me says:

    i was full and ate this burrito and it was absolutely delicious! 0^-^o

  11. Nice………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Peter says:

    1st time today tasted at T Lofts…. very very good with a light full feeling!!! Thank You…. until next meal….Peter-Peter-The-Kogi-Eater!!

  13. Cherry says:

    It will be nice if I can see the picture…^^;;

  14. Yachen says:

    You guys should make a meatlovers burrito 🙂

  15. admin says:

    Well done guys!

  16. hater says:

    yall need to stop standing in a two hour line for just as good eats as in n out burger. please spare me of all the hupla about this sh*t.

  17. Rick says:

    Are both trucks really going to be in Northridge on Friday at the same time?

  18. chef Roy says:

    Oh yesss!!!!

  19. Calbi Truck says:

    Our food better than yours!

  20. slam says:

    i don’t see the burrito pictures!! maybe a burrito cut in half to show its goods would be ideal.

    why aren’t the burrito pictures showing up!??!

  21. Mai mai says:

    Hey guys,

    love ur food, I visit you guys atleast once or twice a week, and I’m always bringing newcomers with me! 🙂 but what’s up with the less meat in the burritos?? These used to bust out with loads of meat, now it’s just full of eggs and potatoes?!
    What’s going on?
    I’m hoping it was just a mishap the last two Saturday nights I’ve been at the brig. 🙁

    love my kogi burritos

  22. eric says:

    @Mai mai, you should go to the Azul lunch truck. My burritos are made by Latina mothers who make them with extra love. ^^

  23. Michael says:

    Off the hook. The burrito is one of the best I’ve ever had. keep up the good work

  24. Phillip says:


    Thanks for your love!!!

  25. fan says:

    Bring back the Cuban Pork Sandwich as a permanent menu item. That was awesome!

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  27. thon boy says:

    SO good when it hits the lips…

  28. Arlyn says:

    Please bring back the Spam sandwich with the mushrooms. It was sold out when I tried to order it. I am so bummed because it looks amazing.

  29. Melissa says:

    Are you guys not selling regular burritos any more? All my friends, fellow Yelpers, etc. who were there last night are all confused as to why every one of our burritos had eggs in them. We did NOT ask for breakfast burritos and none of us liked them that way. 🙁

    On the bright side? The blackjack quesadillas and short rib tacos kicked ass and your salsas are AMAZING.

  30. May says:

    Hmmm…I’m reading Melissa’s comment, and I actually feel the opposite, and so does my co-worker. We both like it with eggs and hash, and have wondered why there’s less of it in there now. We were both BLOWN AWAY the first time we had the kogi burritos. Had the perfect mix of eggs, hash, meat and whatever your secret combination was. but after that first time, the burritos still tasted good, but not as mind-blowing as before, I guess I am in the minority about the eggs and hash preference. So… is it possible that if i like more eggs and hash on my burrito.. i just ask for it? I don’t mind paying an extra buck or 2 for it either. Also, the quality of the burrito has been different everytime i went. some days, the food tasted better than other days. but anyhow, i am still a HUGEEEE fan. i was first in line today at lunch!!! YES!!! just made my day. THANK YOU!

  31. Chase says:

    Hey Kogi!
    Just went for the first time last night and boy o’ boy are the sliders frakin’ AWESOME! Oh, the taco’s were good too but my taste buds blew up on when I bit into my first Kogi Slider. I do have a question though, my fiancee is a vegetarian and got the tofu burrito last night. I am sad to say she was not a fan with how the tofu is prepared. To each their own I know but she prefers a more solid/fried tofu over the softer more egg like style that Kogi offers in their dishes. So now my question, what else is offered for vegetarians? What is in the Kimchi quesadilla? Thanks Kogi, I’ll certainly be back I just want to be able to bring my girl with me!

  32. Eric says:

    The kimchi quesadilla is kimchi caramelized on the grill with butter and sesame sandwiched inside of a 12 inch tortilla with cheddar and jack chease topped with our Salsa Roja. No meat, vegetarian, but not vegan. 🙂

  33. Star says:

    You guys. YOU GUYS. You are the best thing about my recent trip to LA — literally. Went to visit a friend, had a falling out with said friend, wound up wandering around LA trying to find a place to stay and ran across The Kogi Truck.

    Halle-effing-lujah, people, can I get an amen? It’s like a religious experience! You guys are the only reason I didn’t book a flight back to Florida then and there. I was almost late for the return flight I DID book because I wanted one more burrito!

    Thank you thank you thank you. Please find your way to Florida soon — though I would go just about anywhere to get this food again!

  34. Cori Vaughn says:

    Word is bond kid, these Kogi cats got mad flavor. Keep bringing the rukus word to the motherland.

  35. Eddie says:

    SO the burritos are breakfast burritos? or are theyre like normal burritos too? if so whats inside?

  36. Eric Shin says:

    Yes, the burritos are breakfast style. The description of what’s in the burritos are listed right bellow the picture.

  37. dc says:

    What happened to the beans???

  38. Eric Shin says:

    Our regular burritos have never contained beans.

  39. Addi says:

    I love the tofu burritos!! I would eat them everyday if I could 🙂 do you think you will ever add north long beach or lakewood to your route?

  40. Scott says:

    One day I am going to find you guys. I have heard much about the famous truck. do you ever head out to Whittier or La Mirada?

  41. slm17 says:

    Had kogi for the first time yesterday. I got the chicken burrito, it. was. freaking. amazing. AMAZING! i was biking with friends and stumbled upon it by luck. ill definitely be looking for the kogi truck often.

  42. slm17 says:

    oh and i have a question. are the short ribs beef or pork?

  43. Eric Shin says:

    @slm17 Short rib is beef, my friend 🙂

  44. @pfunk327 says:

    I truly hope KogiBBQ makes the First Thursday event at Heritage Square in Oxnard a regular stop. The first event in August was a huge success.

    Be like Nike, please!

  45. Robbb says:

    1st time… can u order breakfast @ anytime?

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