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  • Kogi BBQ

    CongratuLations, Mike Baby Boom Boom RazzLe DazzLe Semaza!

    For those of you unawares, Verde lunch manager Mike Semaza just got inducted to OC’s Boxing HaLL of Fame last night.  YESH — that same Mike Semaza who is in the same league as Shane … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    ALpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine This Friday – 6-9PM. Ya Down??

    Yes, indeedy.  As you aLL know, ALpine’s been courting us for a whiLe now.  But instead of candy, fLowers and diamond rings, they’ve been seducing us with the PHATTEST FRIGGIN SOUND … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    INTRODUCING…our new tofu taco!

    Okay dudes — in the beginning there was the tofu taco.  For an omnivorous creature such as myseLf, I wasn’t its biggest fan.  When it came to choosing between vaniLLa-white cubes of … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Kogi Egg n’ Bacon Burrito

    It’s like a shotgun of awesomeness. Can’t beat the good ol’ combination of Eggs and Apple Wood Smoked Bacon. We of course dress this beautiful beast with our newest Salsa Verde … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Kogi Familia

    Secret to our success

  • Kogi BBQ

    Dear LA Food Trucks,

    (( H U G )) Hang in there. I know that it’s starting to get rough with the sudden widespread crackdowns, but just know that some reaLLy great peopLe out there have our backs. Just remember to … > Read More

  • Kogi Summer Watermelon Special

    Watermelon w Feta Cheese, Mint Yogurt, and Bacon! Make sure u eat a lil bit of everything together!

  • Kogi BBQ

    Mmmm… Book Soup… ::drooLs::

    Much like Stone Soup, Book Soup is something that’s best enjoyed w/ the imagination and company of others. WHAT IS IT?!  It is a massive, shameLess orgy of books and book swappage!  Look, if … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    THANK YOUtubers!

    There have just been so many amazing videos that have sprung up in the past few months that I’ve decided to put up my fLavorite picks.  GRACIAS.  You aLL are AMAZING and have inspired me to … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ


    All of our tacos are topped with:

    • sesame-chili salsa roja
    • julienne romaine lettuce and cabbage tossed in Korean chili-soy vinaigrette
    • cilantro-green onion-lime relish
    • crushed sesame seeds
    • sea salt

    > Read More