And this Saturday, we shaLL be trucking it to the CBS lot for the massive festivities.

Forget standardized testing of your youth, the SAT proctors, the approximate 52 minutes aLLotted to regurgitating theorems, dates and textbook indoctrination.

In exchange for a few minutes of your time, you shaLL be experiencing a circus of music, famous peopLe, tacos and, of course, peace of mind.

From the looks of it, getting tested for HIV may just weLL be the onLy test worth taking aLL summer.  (Perhaps.)

CBS Radio LA is joining forces with the LA County Office of AIDS Programs and Policy, the Magic Johnson Foundation, County of LA Department of Parks and Recreation and other AIDS Service Organizations to launch the largest HIV testing event ever in LA: TEST FEST 2009!

There will be music, celebrities, 13 testing vans and more to break the stigma of the disease, encourage testing and empower the community to join the movement.

Just remember – first test, then fest.

Love and tacos,


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