In case you haven’t noticed, our newest addition to the family – AzuL – is bigger, faster, stronger and outfitted with the latest ALpine systems.

Okay, I’m not a totaL tech fiend, but for those interested in souping up their lowriders or environmentaLLy-conscious hybrids with a sound system that will juice up the party in your car, AzuL’s audio system is based on ALpine’s iDA-X305 Digital Media Receiver – which is cool because it’s super iPhone and iPod-friendLy, so we can play hours of our favorite playlists for you.  An amp, speakers, and a sub for bass complete the system.  Props to Mike Vu and the MV Designz team for their installation skills.

For anyone who can’t understand a lick of what I’m saying, just know that WE ARE GETTING THE GOOD STUFF.

PLUS, we added this reaLLy dope PA system so that you wiLL know when your order is hot, fresh off the griLL and ready.  ALpine aLso heard that sometimes we had a bit of troubLe getting to locations on time, so they rounded out everything with a PND-K3msn portable navigation system .. That means that not onLy do we get the cooL, creepy Knight Rider voice to guide us home free whenever we’re lost, but we aLso get fresh traffic updates so we’LL know where to go to bypass that and get to you faster.

So, for aLL of you enjoying the super phat sound systems whiLe waiting for your tacos, remember not to thank us, but to thank ALpine for totaLLy hooking us up!

Love and tacos,




  1. Angela says:

    Hi Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

    Love, tacos, and let the Alpine play! ;D

  2. Jim says:

    Nice….Can’t wait to hear your music playing through the new Alpine system.

  3. J.C. says:

    Sounds like a wicked cool system. I bet it’d set off the airbags in my MINI Cooper! 🙂

  4. AlpineMelvin says:

    WOOT! ALPINE X KOGI servin’ up the BUMP & GRINDZ! WOOT!

  5. Neisius says:

    Anyone know any good Korean Hip-hop/Mariachi fusion groups?

  6. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    AngeLa – yessssss!
    Jim – hit us up in LittLe Tokyo tonight!
    J.C. – dude, it totaLLy wouLd. the sound is MASSIVE.
    ALpineMeLvin – u just said my fLavorite word of the day. Twice.
    Neisius – we shouLd totaLLy look into that! emaiL me if you find one! I’m serious!!

  7. Sean says:

    There’s a slick little app for the iPhone called “remote” that works with iTunes and allows iPhone users to connect to iTunes libraries and use them like a jukebox. They can request music and iTunes will add it to the list of music being played. It would be fun for people to pick what they are hearing while they wait for your yummy food!

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