Who Wants to Get Shaved??

Now that summer’s in fuLL gear, there is nothing better than some shave ice to cooL you down.  If you’re unfamiLiar with what shave ice is, check out smaLL articLe I did way back in the day.

BasicaLLy, it’s ice that’s shaved fresh and is as fine as powdered snow, topped with your choice of fruity fresh syrups, w/ or w/out ice cream.  Just last week I tried the rockin rainbow — and YES, yes it did rock my rainbow worLd.

Lucky for you, you can come and get shaved aLong w/ us throughout the summer.  EspeciaLLy if this 97-degree weather refuses to QUIT.

Here’s where we shaLL be parking it together this week:

WEDNESDAY – AZUL – Yahoo Center – 12-3PM
WEDNESDAY – AZUL – GoLden Gopher – 10PM-1AM

THURSDAY – VERDE – T Lofts – 12-3PM
THURSDAY – AZUL – 4100 Bar – 10:30PM-1AM

FRIDAY – ROJA – Market Lofts – 12-3PM
FRIDAY – ROJA – Grand Performances – 6PM-9PM
FRIDAY – AZUL – The Brig – 10PM-1AM

SATURDAY – VERDE – EagLe Rock – 6-9PM
SATURDAY – ROJA – Northridge – 10:30PM-1AM

Love and tacos,


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  1. AngryRobot says:

    You forgot to capitalize an L in your post. “Just last week I tried”. You’re welcome for the heads up!

  2. Hungry Mexican says:

    I had this last week at The Brig… It was awesome!! Drag them out to Rowland Hts at some point so I can have it again. 🙂

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    angry robot — oh, I onLy capitaLize L’s in the middLe of a word, not in the beginning! but good eye, mah frenn!

    hungry mexican – I KNOW! WE’RE TRYING!!!

  4. When do we get to see rockin rainbow and kogi harmoniously side by side????

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