Dear Green Avatar,
If you check me out on Facebook, I am currentLy in a VERY open reLationship.  Add me!  As for getting me pregnant, unfortunateLy I am knocked up w/ our 3rd truck and shaLL be giving birth come tomorrow.  On the brighter side of things, our truck AzuL shaLL be serving up litters upon litters of kimchi quesadiLLas once it roLLs out the deLivery room.
Much lust and tacos,

Dearest SLoan,
I long to feed you short rib and spicy pork.  And perhaps a kimchi tuna meLt…which just so happens to be this week’s speciaL.  And speciaL it IS, for tonight’s kimchi tuna meLt reminds me of when we first met and I longed to feed you a kimchi tuna meLt.  Hot, crisp and buttery good w/ griddLed kimchi and a moLten veiL jack and cheddar.  Expect for it to be especiaLLy fishy and cheesey.  Like my love for thee.
I shaLL be waiting at our speciaL spot.  Come hongries.
Love and tacos,


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  1. My husband, Anthony and I were in LA for business and I just had to track you down after our meeting…glad we did…it was worth tracking you down.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about the tuna melt. It’s like an orgasm in my mouth, except delicious.

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