We were just asked about this:

Just to let you all know, we are definitely not affiliated with any of this business

All of our energies have been focused on serving you the best we can.

What you think we should do?  Please let us know how you feel via Twitter @kogibbq


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  1. Mac says:

    I think you should sue them for stealing your likeness!

  2. Mark says:

    Sue Baja
    there food sucks

  3. Makahuna says:

    Let them flail, also park outside of their busiest locations.

  4. Hungry Mexican says:

    attack them for likeness rights to pay for more trucks!! Your creativity is rare now days. Everyone is into copying everything… this goes for tv, movies and now our beloved KOGI!

  5. MooShu says:

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but man this is straight robbery. Doubt they will fare well with this.

  6. kevin says:

    Last time I checked, Baja Fresh was crap. Still is, has been and always will be. They’ll probably jack up the price to their liking as well. I’d much rather hunt you guys down on the streets and wait in line than walk into a Baja chain…it completely destroys the dining experience. What makes you guys so effective is being mobile, don’t stop what you’re doing. You’ve pioneered something that works well. These other guys are just trying to capitalize on the hot commodity, and besides, if I wanted KOREAN BBQ, I’d go to a Korean restaurant, not one that’s trying to “diversify”.

  7. Roller8 says:

    Yeah it just doesn’t seem right. In the least they should not use the word “Kogi”. Something just doesn’t smell right…

  8. @lothar99 says:

    Keep building a better taco. If you build it, they will come!

  9. Chelle says:

    I tried these tacos. They’re horrible! They have no taste to them other than the spice of the kimchee.

  10. urdoo says:

    Blatant copycat. But what can you do? Is anything trademarked?

  11. jen says:

    Send a cease and desist letter!!

  12. imazntoo says:

    typical asians…

  13. Ricie says:

    A cease and desist order. They should pay you a HUGE sum for blatantly stealing your intellectual/creative property. Do people that eat at BajaFresh even know what KogiBBQ is. We’re a way cooler hipper crowd.

  14. shep says:

    Man…that’s ugly, I mean could they have been any more blatent about there trying to bit on kogi. I dont really know the law but i would think a nice fat lawsuite might be what the doctor or in this case what the chef ordered. More like Baja “not” fresh !!!

  15. sheauen says:

    definitely start with a cease and desist…

    i would suggest a boycotting campaign but it doesn’t sound like any of us are eating at baja fresh anyways…

  16. Blake says:

    Well I’m sure they wouldn’t check to see if the Kogi name is trademarked or copyrighted (which it probably isn’t) and, as long as you guys refuse to come to Orange (get your permit already), I’ll be frequenting Baja Fresh. The Kogi style they serve there is quite good – it’s no Kogi BBQ – but it’s good and the prices are fair.

    Plus, there’s no 4+ hour wait, no limit on how much you can order, or necessity to be in a certain location at a certain time.

    Until there’s a viable alternative from the true Kogi BBQ, I’ll be frequenting this, and any other Baja Fresh location that serves the Baja Kogi as I enjoy the flavors and it’s 10 minutes from my work (did I mention no line – and in OC?).

    Like another poster said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Suck it up and work on making your product better. If you did park your truck outside of their place, I’d go to the truck, but again, you can’t because you’re not allowed in OC.

  17. Thomas Keller says:

    well, your concepts came from rocksugar. when you were let go, you developed the concepts for mobile delivery. you can’t cry foul when fusion flavor finds it’s way into franchise stores. stand by your product and continue to innovate. that is your only hope for survival. and get licensed to sell product in the oc for pete’s sake, isn’t it about time?

  18. Michelle says:

    We can complaint to Baja for stealing the idea and name!
    Copying is one thing… flat out stealing? That deserves royalty fees!

    Marketing Department
    5900A Katella Ave, Suite 101
    Cypress, CA 90630
    Phone: 562-391-2400

  19. KiasuChick says:

    outrageous. can’t believe they are using the kogi name. it’s one thing if they just launched their own version of korean tacos.. but to use the kogi name is completely ridiculous. hope you can sue them and make some $$ to expand the business. good luck. and everyone else — boycott baja fresh!!!!

  20. Todd says:

    I wonder if Blake work for @#@#@@@ Baja Fresh. Baja Fresh sucks! The one near my work is always empty. No worries, you will always have your loyal fan supports.

  21. Eliana says:

    What a compliment to you guys! Backwards yes, but a compliment non the guys rock!

  22. DJ Goose! says:

    that’s not baja fresh.. that’s baja wack!!

  23. Blake = Fake says:

    just a guess but “Blake” IP address is probably similar to Baja Fresh’s headquarters

  24. Hungry Mexican says:

    OC people… enough with the bitterness. Ever hear of a road trip??? Some of their regular stops are right on the OC border. I live in San Gabriel Valley and have gone to The Brig in Venice, Downtown LA (wilshire / miracle mile) and Rowland Heights. If you think it’s that good to be so angry about them not coming to the OC, then go to them. It’s worth it for the ambiance and experience.

  25. Mike says:

    They won’t make a go of it…not the same experience and it doesn’t fit their business model. The fact that they admitted that they are copying you means you have some legal grounds if you want to go that way. May not be worth your time though…takes away from making good food and driving around : )

  26. luis flores says:

    DO NOTHING… guys continue doing your thing all that will happen is give baja fresh free press and attention you guys have the quality and customers people recognize that take the high road people immitation is a form of flattery so feel proud and build your brand just like mcdonalds corporation did they never compare themselves to no one they just do their thing keep the trucks rolling……

  27. DanGarion says:

    Not really see why you should do anything. It’s a tortilla, you fill it with meat, and top it with veggies. Unless you have a patent on the process I don’t see how you have anything to stand on. People have been putting meat on bread and topping it when produce for centuries and it’s never going to stop.

  28. Shelly says:

    Not worry…that’s for sure!!

  29. DFS says:

    unfortunately unless you have the word “Kogi” trademarked…you really can’t do much.
    No worries though that it’ll take away any business from you kids.

  30. dan says:

    I put korean bbq in a taco at a party 5 years ago, Kogi needs to pay me. You can’t copyright food

  31. sjc says:

    if kogi means meat in korean, it’s like hotdog, can’t sue for the name…..but i am sure they can’t copy the taste. keep your quality consistent, keep your service, people will come….. you guys are fun!!! competition will make you work for better…..

  32. CS says:

    You should sue.

    The concept of Kogi in a taco is YOUR original idea. They are taking your competitive advantage away. I think as long as you can prove that in court, you should win. At the least Baja would settle.

    Its little food service people like you guys that keep this going!
    A corporate company trying to edit this should be taught a lesson. They are stealing your business away right from your hands.

    Fuck Baja.

  33. Burns! says:

    Heard about the new menu items, but they’re even using the name “Kogi?” Shameless!

    I like the idea of parking outside their busiest locations. You guys would take all their business. Of course, they’re rolling this out in Orange County, aren’t they?

  34. kellyander says:

    While, this can be debated back and forth all day long, I think Baja Fresh saw this trend and is definitely trying to capitalize on it. Kogi not only provides an outstanding product but something that is unique in taste as well as how you chase it down. Kudos to the entire team for coming up with the brilliant idea, delicious recipes and creating such an impressive demand that any brand would long for. There aren’t many brands, outside of Apple, that can get people to wait in line for extended periods of time repeatedly.

    I love how Kogi is soliciting our feedback, as well. What I don’t love is “Blake.” I agree with “Blake = Fake.” If you’re a marketing or PR person for Baja Fresh be real and identify yourself. If you really understand social media and its effectiveness, you would understand its foundation of transparency. It’s a shame your message points aren’t effective and don’t make me want to go try the food. Perhaps, you should revisit your message points or even your marketing goals.

    And “Blake,” if you really knew anything about Kogi, then you would have read this –

    Anyhow, I’ll happy wait four hours inline for Kogi and pass up the ten minute wait at Baja Fresh.

  35. Tiffany says:

    Laaaame. As much as I want Kogi, Baja can shove it.

  36. Caesar says:

    Just drop it. Half the fun of Kogi is chasing the damn truck around. They just see it as an opportunity to make money off your good name like it’s a fad. Just like sliders. Sliders are everywhere now. Be a bigger taco and just drop it 🙂

  37. Val says:

    I think you’d have a valid case. Smack ’em with a lawsuit!

  38. B says:

    SUESUE SUE SUE SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anita says:

    They are SOOO trying to capitalize on your success! Sue them and make them PAY!

    “Rink said the Baja Kogi taco is not meant to refer to the Kogi truck version, which has developed a cult following in Los Angeles, but the combination of grilled beef or chicken with a kimchee slaw is a response to evolving consumer tastes.” = UTTER BULLSHIT!

  40. jennifer says:

    SUE!!…. thats not right… theres also a truck called “Kalbi”… ive seen it around UCLA u should get them too,… haha it looks like ur truck but its not.. :[

  41. Makahuna says:

    Just park near their locations, seriously.
    It’d be like having a PinkBerry truck outside of a Baskin & Robbins, there would be a huge line to the truck and a dusting of people inside.
    As for lawsuits, F! that, what a waste of time.
    Copywriting KOGI would be like copywriting Teriyaki good luck.

    You have to go and intentionally misspell Kogi or run it all into one word KogiBBQ in order to get real protection on the name.

    Also Kogi BBQ is another great reason not to live in OC.

  42. reese says:

    “The new prototype menu also includes dishes with bolder flavors, including new “Baja Kogi” Korean barbecue tacos — in the style of the popular Kogi BBQ taco truck in Los Angeles that has made headlines across the country”

    “Rink said the Baja Kogi taco is not meant to refer to the Kogi truck version, which has developed a cult following in Los Angeles, but the combination of grilled beef or chicken with a kimchee slaw is a response to evolving consumer tastes.”

    -they just contradicted themselves.
    tsk tsk.

    im sure they cant beat what you have going 🙂

  43. Gravy Starship says:

    I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this. Granted, the whole concept is a blatant attempt to co-opt your confections…but given that Baja Fresh is a major franchise, even their best attempts will result in a poor facsimile of the original.

    Plus, the service you offer is more of an experience that the customer is ACTIVELY engaged in…going online to find out where your trucks will be at dinnertime becomes just as enjoyable as the food you serve up. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone ever checks Twitter to see what the fine folks at Baja Fresh will be doing on any given evening.

    In short, just keep on keepin’ on. And maybe take people up on their suggestions to park in front of Baja Fresh. Mud Truck coffee in NY did the same thing to Starbucks, and their business has only gone up.

  44. Raypin says:

    Let them imitate, but know that there is something special about originality and exclusivity. There are tons of imitators, yet the originators are always remembered, respected and most often visited. Think about Los Angeles’ Phillipe’s they are the originators of the beef dip and there are tons of imitators but there’s something special about being the original and staying small. Don’t expand too rapidly don’t change what makes you unique and let the others imitate.
    My two cents which don’t mean much, stay with 3 trucks but visit different neighborhoods. I love that you visit Rowland Heights weekly being that you’re less than a mile from my house, but by doing so the newness and exclusivity will wear thin.

  45. tjustin12 says:

    Baja can imitate but they cannot duplicate. Kogi BBQ all the way!

  46. nj says:

    Consult with an attorney! At the very least they should pay you a licensing fee imho.

  47. Miranda says:

    Rip Off.

  48. alfredo says:

    Don’t worry too much, they will FAIL big time. I do like the idea of parking your trucks in their parking lot…
    Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. You’ll be fine.

  49. hungry jason says:

    What should you do??? Nothing. @BOLDBAJAFRESH only has 160 followers. You already won. Game Over.

    Cmon Tweeters….DM @BOLDBAJAFRESH and show them the power of KOGI.

  50. brian says:

    sue the crap outta them, then buy them out and make their food taste good!

  51. John Jameson says:

    Seriously guys? Kogi Taco Truck is a ripoff of Roy’s work as a prep cook at Rock Sugar, and then they looked at Taco Trucks in Northern California. Seriously guys are you this insecure?

  52. Sue Chen says:

    i like kogi food but i think baja is better

  53. Charles says:

    They want to sell Kogi tacos, you want a presence in the OC, do a deal.

  54. Todd says:

    Sue Chen, do you work at Baja Fresh’s Marketing Department?

  55. hungry jason says:

    JJ, true about Roy’s inspiration…but we are not calling Kogi “Rock Sugar Taco Truck”.

  56. Bright says:

    hmm. i don’t like the fact that they are literally stealing your ideas but legally they can copy the trend that has been set by the original. Just like the million taco trucks out there, as long as the company name is not exactly the same, they are legally viable. Now that there are competitions out there, step up your P.R. campaign slamming Baja Fresh and promoting your own company.

  57. Alex says:

    when r u folks comin to the valley???

  58. DanGarion says:

    Rather stand in line for 5 minutes then for 2 hours. Sorry guys, I’d really love to try your food someday, but it’s not worth standing in line for 2 hours to be like all the trendy kids.

    Totally respect you guys and think the concept is cool, but my time is worth too much to wait for a couple tacos.

  59. eugenie de franval says:

    i wouldn’t wait ten seconds for a baja fresh taco of any kind and i’ve actually eaten there. i’ve waited over an hour for kogi and will happily wait again. it’s clear that you’ve never had kogi’s food, DanGarion, without you having to admit it. just looking at the pictures of the “baja kogi” shows that they are nothing like the korean bbq tacos i enjoy. they tried to rip kogi off and got caught. it’s slimy and unethical to try and copyright someone else’s brand and style to profit of their popularity.

    also, you really have it wrong as to why people love kogi, it has nothing to do with trends, it has to do with taste. good food is worth the time spent and any small inconvenience. quality counts. which is something that baja fresh doesn’t understand. poquito mas smokes them in the tex mex fresh fast food race anyway. what a surprise, poquito mas opened their first fresh mex store in 1984 and the first baja fresh opened in 1990.

  60. JJ'S MOM says:

    Im a unemployed hooker, im always looking work in front of baja fresh on the corner. Look me up i need to make some cash to support my loser son!

  61. DanGarion says:

    You are completely right eugenie, I never have had Kogi, because I can’t reason with myself or my wife to spend 2 hours in a line for a taco, it’s just not worth the wait, even if the food is great. I can eat at many other great places (and no I do not include Baja Fresh in that list). Maybe eventually once the hype dies down and the wait is manageable (say @30 minutes) then I will check them out, because I really want to, and love to see small concepts like this succeed, but until then I just can’t do it.

    I still think a lot of the popularity has to do with it being the trendy thing. Sure it didn’t start that way, but with all the hype the “taco truck” experience has been getting lately, it’s mainly all now about being trendy.

    Lastly maybe I haven’t been reading the same articles as you online, but I haven’t seen any specific notions of Baja Fresh “copyrighting” Kogis brand. From my understanding the word kogi is meat in Korean, so it would be an uphill battle to actually fight another company from using that word since it would be like someone trying to say you can’t call your taco a “meat taco”. And if Baja Fresh’s tacos look nothing like those from KogiBBQ, I doubt they have anything to worry about, which means the public needs to settle down and stop getting their panties in a bunch because someone else wants to try their hand at it. If KogiBBQ makes a better product they don’t need to worry about it.

  62. chef roy says:

    john jameson and hungry jason,

    y’all don’t know me….
    let me cook for you sometime or hit me up personally and we can talk about what was the inspiration for Kogi.
    Cause the inspiration was to cook the best food at the cheapest price and bring it directly to the streets.
    everything after that was the magic of the people!

    that’s whassup,

    chef roy

  63. caroline says:

    I think it’s very flattering they think so highly of your tacos but it is not okay to use your name directly that is a trademark. They need to either change the name to Korean BBQ Tacos or get an official endorsement from you, instruction on how to make them properly and kick back some cash. Otherwise it could potentially damage your brand. I hear the tacos are okay but not very similar to the real Kogi tacos. You don’t want people to be confused. Brand management is very important.

  64. SpicyporkFTW! says:

    The point isn’t who came up with what taco first. BF isn’t trying to market “Korean tacos”. They are trying to steal the brand recognition that Kogi has built. I’d consult with a lawyer.

  65. Mark says:

    10: 49 P.M.UPDATE: Earlier today, Baja Fresh posted a Tweet saying it intended to change the name of its Kogi tacos to Gogi tacos. However, I reached Baja Fresh President Chuck Rink to validate this statement. He said, it is true:

    “I cannot confirm that change yet, however our point was; if Gogi is the accurate spelling not Kogi, then we would prefer to call it Baja Gogi. We are awaiting confirmation. As soon as we determine the correct spelling I will personally let you know.”


    F BAJA

  66. Deedub says:

    Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but I think Baja Fresh have crossed the line. Most people, upon hearing “Kogi,” would probably think of the fleet of trucks bringing awesome Korean-Mexican fusion to the masses. I would be willing to wager that if someone saw BF’s “Kogi” tacos on the menu, they’d think that Kogi had entered into some sort of agreement with BF, which I don’t even want to imagine happening.

    Even BF admit that they don’t want to incite confusion with Kogi… so why use the name if you know of the sort of following Kogi has?

  67. Fight the Good Fight says:

    Protect your rights. I am currently involved in a litigation from a huge corporation who upon utilizing my services decided not to pay for such since they were well aware I did not have the financial means to pay for legal representation and could not sustain legal representation throughout the process. I had to beg & borrow to afford my retainer but I will not get jacked because some jerk has more money than me. It’s even more reason to fight.

    You have an amazing product & you are clearly the originator of this product. baja Fresh will not be able to compete with the flavor of Kogi but they are setting up you guys so that future consumers who have tasted their product may feel their product & poor quality is a reflection of your superior product.

    Fight it. Put a legal fee assistance cup at the trucks. I’ll donate to that. When you win & get paid $$$$ we can have a Free Kogi taco day to celebrate

  68. Erin says:

    Park your trucks outside and get a boycott going with a twitter petition etc. At the very least milk it for some serious press. Challenge them to a taste test 🙂

    Get a cease letter written and consult a lawyer. Do you have anything copyrighted or trademarked?

    Maybe you can get more trucks out of this!

    Baja Bastards!

  69. Gabe p says:

    Don’t underestimate the bounds of their devilishment. Make them pay!

  70. Roland says:

    They should pay. Maybe royalties or something

  71. Shirlee says:

    Baja Fresh sucks eggs!

  72. Melanie says:

    What a joke….feeling desperate Baja Fresh???

  73. Sam. says:

    Aren’t there like dozens of Taco trucks doing the same thing? Why does anyone care if Baja, or anyone else does this? Maybe McDonald’s should sue Burger King and Wendy’s too. Silly silly.

  74. hungry jason says:

    Props to the true KOGI LOVERS! Properly welcomed @BOLDBAJAFRESH to the matrix of the interweb. “…by no means intended to seem stolen…” Who does? Bi@tch See you in La Mirada tonight!

  75. bbirch says:

    You guys are where you are because of ingenious use of technologies like Twitter. You’ve put the word out. Let the community take care of the rest.

  76. jstele says:

    When I hear about these type of things, I get mad. But at the same time, I think you, Kogi, need to take some responsibility. Is it your fault that they copied the name of your foods? No. But based on a previous post, you guys are too naive and need to think in the long-term. Once something gets popular, you need to get on it and copyright the name, etc. You can’t just think in terms of a taco truck, but what you want to achieve in the long-term. Maybe there will be Kogi products at the supermarket. Who knows? Just copyright everything so that it can’t be copied for any purpose. Cheaper than a lawsuit. Why don’t you consult a lawyer who has dealt with copyright issues and business in general so that you can get a better sense of how to protect yourself and your rights?

  77. jstele says:

    Baja Fresh better not copyright the term “gogi”. That’s like copyrighting the word “pizza”. What will Korean restaurants do? But YOU can copyright “kogi” because the spelling is off.

  78. kamshafty says:

    KoGi is Golden! *__* America is a rat race. California sue happy. Life is short. Just keep doin’ what yer doin’. We love you and follow you! Alice rocks! Keep up the good work and the creative new specials. Keep letting us know about the special events and coupons. Yo! *__* <==<< kamshafty

  79. shiftyyy says:

    Honestly I don’t think a lot of people care about Baja so I wouldn’t worry about it SO MUCH… it’s always the original that is the best; copies last only temporarily in the end.

    If action MUST be taken then a lawsuit would be the next best answer

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  81. hungryinglendale says:

    so what’s up with this calbi bbq truck that looks just like yours? Their logo is even similar. they’re trying to do the twitter thing too. I think people are going to it thinking it’s the real Kogi truck.

  82. slam says:

    it may have already been stated but I didn’t want to read through 80 comments of “sue sue sue!” you can’t if you don’t own the trademark to “kogi.” while it’s a transliteration of the common korean word for meat, that particular spelling has been made popular uniquely with respect to the kogi tacos. so get on that trademark asap.

    hell, they even trademarked “rain” and the korean pop star and those who owned the copyright had to work something out.

    this is america. trademark, trademark. then cease & desist, then lawsuit.

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