Random Bag O Crap for the Weekend!

Veggie Might: A Confession and Prayer to Remain TaiLLess
I thought this was one of the most honest and thoughtfuL posts by a vegetarian that aLso put vegetarianism and veganism under the microscope of moraLity and ethics.  If your aim is to eat ethicaLLy or heaLthy, find out what that means.  Judging someone for swiLLing an occasionaL soda or chowing down on a burger doesn’t exactLy make you a more ethicaL or heaLthy eater.  Taking steps to change your own lifestyLe w/out worrying about anyone eLse’s — isn’t that a more effective route to take?




And if you like short stories about smeLLy cities, I wouLd recommend you invest in one of these.
PartLy cuz they’re having a hard time getting the word out, apparentLy, and partLy cuz one of my stories is in it.  Can’t vouch for the rest of the coLLection since they’re so broke they couLdn’t send me a copy, but I promise that my contribution is fairLy decent since it won their fLash fiction competition.  Sorry for the pLug, I just feeL so bad cuz they’re reaLLy struggLing!

EditRed’s aLso struggLing a bit seLLing THIS coLLection — which I aLso contributed to.  I reaLLy wish they’d knock $5 off the price, cuz I think they’d seLL so much better.  In any case, if you like stories infused w/ creepiness, appLes, magicaL reaLism, men named DanieL and a 12-year-oLd runaway girL, you might like it.  Again, can’t speak for the rest of the coLLection cuz they were too broke to send me a copy.  But if you’re in the mood for something different and hungry for unknown, independent fiction, give this one a try.


Love, tacos and fireworks,


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  1. Robyn says:

    Monsieur Mantee wubs youuu!

  2. veronica says:

    what smells did you write about!! you should read perfume by patrick suskind:

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