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    We were just asked about this: Just to let you all know, we are definitely not affiliated with any of this business All … > Read More

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    Verde’s BUSTED!!!

    ::sad face:: We’ve been pushing it a bit too hard trying to hit up muLtipLe stops aLL the time and the engine just up and gave out.  Poor littLe bugger… So it’s currentLy … > Read More

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    Who Wants to Get Shaved??

    Now that summer’s in fuLL gear, there is nothing better than some shave ice to cooL you down.  If you’re unfamiLiar with what shave ice is, check out smaLL articLe I did way back in the … > Read More

  • Studio City, We Didn’t Forget About You!

    Starting this Friday, we’re gonna park it right outside your locaL El Bar.

    Fridays, 11PM-1:30AM in Studio City
    3256 Cahuenga Blvd

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    West LA Concert Series: Free Concert Tonight!

    Free concerts, free parking aLL summer long.  Here’s the press reLease: FREE CONCERT Tonite! Wednesday nite, 7-10pm. 7pm – John West. Blue-eyed soul. 8:30pm – Quetzal … > Read More

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    Let Us WeLcome Baby BLue, PeopLes

    First came Roja — before it got BOMBED. Then littLe Verde came trucking aLong. Now it’s come time to weLcome AzuL to the fam. The first thing you might notice is that it’s a BIG … > Read More

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    Kimchi Tuna Melt

    The Diner classic is reborn at Kogi with this one. Heaps of cheese is melted over Chef Roy’s home made tuna salad and carmelized kimchi and is served between to toasted slices of sour dough.

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    Dear Green Avatar, If you check me out on Facebook, I am currentLy in a VERY open reLationship.  Add me!  As for getting me pregnant, unfortunateLy I am knocked up w/ our 3rd truck and shaLL be … > Read More

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    Random Bag O Crap for the Weekend!

    Veggie Might: A Confession and Prayer to Remain TaiLLess I thought this was one of the most honest and thoughtfuL posts by a vegetarian that aLso put vegetarianism and veganism under the microscope of … > Read More

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    Twisted Korean Quesadilla w/ Jangjorim Chillies

    Janjorim is a traditional braised beef dish. We take that with some chilies and turn it into a tasty little quesadilla. Also served with a slice of melon sprinkled w/ chili and salt for a refreshing … > Read More