mah fan fLavorites!

I dig how these two ladies roLL in RowLand Heights.  I love the bLanket.  It adds a romanticaL touch, doncha think?  TAKE NOTES, PEOPLES!!

..cuz Maureen C. from Facebook certainLy did.

Oh, and thanks to AngeLa for forwarding this fotographia from a very enthusiastic Jon from last week’s Queen Mary stop.  YYYYYEAH, LBC!!!

Props to aLL y’aLL who drive 45 minutes out of your way to wait another 45-55 minutes in line for your tacos.  If I couLd hug you aLL at once, I wouLd.  UntiL then, though, this fotografia from our friend Jon in the LBC shaLL have to suffice.



Sorry, I crack myseLf up.

::awkward pause::

Okay, I shaLL be leaving now.

Love and tacos,

P.S. An honorabLe mention goes to some of our Northridge(?) friends on Twitter.  AzuL says thank you for the memories…


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  1. Jon Pak says:

    woot thats my pic!!! I love kogi taco so good I went bout like 6 times already waited in line usually average 1 hour 30 mins. Its so worth the wait cuz its so damn GOOD! HOLLA AT ME I WANT TO BECOME A ACTOR/COMEDIAN TALK SHOW HOST but I don’t have any experience but planning on taking acting classes yo I LOVE TO TALK! woot KOGI TACO!!!

  2. armanisuit says:

    blankets?! genius!! I’ve been doing the asian squat all this time.

  3. jennifer says:

    hahah that second picutre is my dads gas station!!.. YEEE…..

  4. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention Kogi! You had a special place in my heart already, but now you occupy the entire space!

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