KoGi SpeciaL: Summer MuLitas

This week Chef Roy decided to make something fresh and lightLy fried around the edges for summer: muLitas fiLLed w/ heirLoom tomatoes, griLLed nectarines, cotija cheese and butter lettuce.  After a light fry,  he serves them up enchiLada-styLe w/ his new saLsa verde.   The roasted, sweet jalapeños and a medLey of citrus juices make it the perfect pairing for this summer street dish.  Another snowfaLL of cotija cheese, and these babies are ready to be EATEN.

Don’t they look dericious?

And they come two to a pLate, so be sure to share!

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to KoGi SpeciaL: Summer MuLitas

  1. Splatsomething says:

    Why do you tease?

  2. i heart kogi says:

    ay! should have checked before i ordered!!! looks very tasty!

  3. mulitas says:

    These were sooooooo tasty!!! We hope they are a special for most of the summer, or transferring them over to the regular menu would be ideal.. 🙂 Again so VERY VERY GOOD A MUST HAVE!

  4. T-Fal says:

    grilled nectarines?!?! Get out of my dreams and into my mouth! See you at the West LA Summer Concert Series tonight.

  5. BIg E says:

    Are you kidding me? OMG Chef, they look so amazing.
    Cant wait to get my hands on those bad boys!

  6. chef roy says:

    Thanks Big Eazy

    Might have to just take it down to the OC soon….

    chef roy

  7. benjay says:

    so just wondering, im a kogi nub, are these weekly specials served at the alibi only or on the trucks? im a pretty frequent kogi eater, but ive never strayed from the good ol short rib burrito.

  8. Jojo says:

    you guys rock! keep it coming, love you

  9. annette says:

    Hey guys… love your food but a lot of my friends and I agree that your food is way too salty. Can you guys maybe ease up on the sodium? I think we’d be able to EAT more if it was less salty. Other than that, your food ROCKS! Thanks

  10. allison says:

    Hey guys! I’ve tried your food several times now and I really like it. BUT…. My husband and I both agree that it’s a bit too salty. We couldn’t eat more than 2 tacos cuz of the saltiness. Can you guys maybe not make the food so salty?

  11. uncle roy says:

    annette and allison,

    thank you for your comments, concerns and support.
    i will look at all the trucks and alibi room immediately and check the marinades and sauces.
    i hope i can fix the situation if there is a situation to fix.

    take care and come on back and let me know what’s up…

    uncle roy

  12. Princess Angie says:

    Hello love those tostadas. Hey hope you can make it to the x games

  13. Jennifer says:

    you guys can come to orange county now!!!!! i saw u guys r gonna go to state college and orangthorpe!!…. thats krazy… :[ well i guess u guys rnt commin to the shell gastation on beach n roscrans hahaah i live right there

  14. roy says:

    I burb crap all night sorry no korean taco here! You kidding right terrible food, you have to be drunk to eat it!

  15. Uncle Roy says:

    Let’s get drunk and eat it then…:)

  16. akaider says:

    doope, just got in from sao paulo – time to get my kogi fix!

  17. Smark Henry says:

    Pleeeaaase tell me you’re serving these in Fullerton this Saturday?! They look and sound freakin’ unbelievable!

  18. Renoa says:

    Mulitas del Verano? Eran bien sabrosas, gracias por no olvidar de los vegetarianos, muchos besos, especialmente a los chicos ricos 🙂 que trabajan en Kogi sirviendolo!

    Mulitas in the Summer? They were so tasty, thank you for not forgetting the vegetarians, XOXo’s especially to those boys that work in the truck servin’ it up 🙂

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