Kimchi Tuna Melt

The Diner classic is reborn at Kogi with this one. Heaps of cheese is melted over Chef Roy’s home made tuna salad and carmelized kimchi and is served between to toasted slices of sour dough.


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  1. teejolie says:

    hi i couldn’t get the info on where your food trucks are? can you give me more info?

  2. teejolie says:

    hi where do the food truck park at?

  3. duh says:

    It’s on the main page, right hand column half-way down

  4. jennifer says:

    really?!!! do u guys serve this on the truck?? i havent seen it so far but im bout to head out to one of ur trucks so ill see! i cant wait :]

  5. superfreak says:

    wow, this sounds insane. where do you guys come up with this stuff???? where???? tell me your secrets so i could start my own kogi truck in my house. YEEAHHH! be there tomorrow.

  6. Mar says:

    Chef, Your the man and everyone is proud of you.

    Hope your well. Try this one for a slicer.

    Roast Pork, Sweet Ham, Swiss Chesse, Sliced Pickeled Kimchi, on a frech baguette. Make sure you marinade the pork with Sour Orange, cumin, oregano, garlic, green onios, soya, pepper, light salt for two two hours before roasting at 350 for 4hrs for a 25lb Shoulder.
    Mix a little vinegar and lime and brush the meat once on the slicer.

    Your Cuban Brother,


  7. chef roy says:

    no Mar, you are the man!!!!
    the pork sounds delicious bro.

    chef roy

  8. tee_leaf says:

    Oh my wow that looks good…

  9. tiff says:

    JUST TRIED THIS TODAY AT LITTLE TOKYO…MAN IT WAS THE BOMB!!!! i wanted to get this again, but the line was too long to go back and wait haha

  10. jennifer says:

    dude i didnt get to try this .. i got there right when the truck wat settin up..but the line was massive… :[ and wen i tried back…. it was closed damn my luck haha

  11. Jay says:

    Tuna Melt is sooooooooooo delicious!!!! I’ve never imagined tuna and kimchi matching like that and makes beautiful taste!!!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Chef Roy… I just wanted to say that the stuff you are doing with food is amazing. Truly inspiring.

  13. chef roy says:

    thank you Rebecca.
    just street food…………
    you inspire Kogi to keep going!

    chef roy

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