It’s our Magic Sauce Numba 2!

Y’aLL are probabLy famiLiar with our Magic Sauce Numba Juan, aka SaLsa Roja:

It’s RED.  And bucket-friendLy.  And made w/ chiLes de arboL, ginger, garLic, sesame, topsecretingredients and MAGIC.

After getting such rave reviews from the SaLsa Verde on our BLack Jack QuesadiLLa speciaL a few weeks back, Chef Roy decided to make it a fixture aLongside our SaLsa Roja.

Isn’t it ADORABLE?!!  It’s aLso made with love!  ::pause:: And other stuff.

Love and tacos,

P.S. Okay, okay!  For the super curious, Chef Roy reveaLed to me that the key ingredients are ciLantro, roasted garLic, citrus, roasted jaLapeños, roasted onions and…secrets.  ^__^ heeeee!


0 Responses to INTRODUCING: SaLsa VERDE

  1. Josh says:

    Man, I had to move out of LA a few weeks ago back to Boston. And I’m jonesing for some Kogi bad… Any idea to sell your salsas? Maybe online?

  2. Jay says:

    Try Salsa Verde at truck Verde!!!!

  3. Linda says:

    is there a salsa azul???? or salsa blanco???

  4. armanisuit says:

    looks good, can’t wait to try it, hopefully tonight!

  5. paulMOGG says:

    Well I’m still folowing u guys on twitter From HONG KONG sounds amazing do you do any veggie food ?

    Keep it real


  6. SLEEPYHEAD says:

    what aisle of Ralphs contains the necessary ingredients
    “magic” & “secrets” – the checker lady keeps giving me funny looks
    when I ask. and no, not “haha” funny but y’know, like i’m making
    her head explode kind of funny. you know, don’t you alice???

  7. lalano says:

    Can you tell me if you put some oil on the SALSA VERDE?
    It was really oily but I wasnt sure but it smells like oil and there was a lot of it and i like to put a lot of salsa on my tacos. I’m kinda a health freak so it kinda freaked me out.
    Please let me know…thankssss xoxo!

    but the kogi beef rib tacos are insanely awesome! thank you!!

  8. Uncle Roy says:

    yes this is an emulsification of garlic, oil, herbs, and chilis.
    Sometimes the oil separates, I will remind the guys to shake the bottle before serving.

    Uncle Roy

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