Big Ups to the Bay-Bay and Viva Las Vegas

Made it disastrousLy late to the EagLe Rock Vegas stop last night!  (Who knew that traiLers + Harry Potter = OVER 3.5 HOURS OF MY LIFE?!)

But I got to catch the taiL end of the festivities!

These peopLe took a road trip from VEGAS and the Bay Area (was it San Ramon?  St. Ramon?  I fergit!) JUST to eat KoGi!!! I was reaLLy sad I didn’t get to meet the whoLe group.  SupposedLy it was a littLe over 20 peopLe for this thing caLLed the Vegas Meet Up.

(( M A S S I V E   H U G ))

I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet the rest of the crew and thank them.

Large, coordinated road trips = frequent bathroom stops and a lot of gas station food, I’m sure!

ALso, shoutout to Karen Mar and Mark Anthony (yeah, that’s his reaL name).  It was so great meeting your famiLy and thank you for sharing the inner contents of your cooLer w/ us.

Or… what was left of it!

I did enjoy the ceLebratory Korean moonshine, though.  There’s nothing like super smooth MoonBaeSooL mixed with Beth KeLLerhaLs’ maLted iced hot chocoLate.  (I think I might have inspired some senior undergrads stiLL stuck in summer session.)

I hope y’aLL dug Beth’s lemon curd and vaniLLa buttercream cupcakes w/ raspberries and Chef Roy’s BLack Jack quesadiLLa speciaL!  He made them just for you dudes!


I’m stiLL thinking of the roasted jaLapeno and citrus saLsa verde over fatty sLices of that bLack Berkshire pork beLLy.

Oh – and congratuLations on getting into UCLA, girL in the bLue shirt!  I’m sorry I forgot your name, but I remember you being way cooL.  (And hopefuLLy, that’s what counts.  -__-;)

Love and tacos,

P.S. ApoLogies for photo quaLity, dudes.  I must have left my DSLR on my ebay wish list of THINGS I CAN NEVER AFFORD.  That, and when I’m excited, I tend to massiveLy suck at taking pictures!

P.P.S. Updating with MUCH BETTER photos from Mark Anthony, Karen and Christina.  Thank youse!!


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  1. kraff55 says:

    Last night’s Eagle Rock Vegas by the Bay was too much fun!!! And, yes, those quesadillas were the BOMB!

  2. Jim says:

    You made the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. I have recommended you to everyone who reads my blog:

    right here

    Thanks so much for your hospitality.

  3. Andrea says:

    You guys were the whole reason I made my first-ever trip to LA this weekend (I’m part of the Vegas meetup group, btw). Totally worth it, the food ROCKED! And I think some of us are already planning a return engagement. Thanks a million! 🙂

  4. Mark Anthony says:

    BIG BIG Thanks to Alice, Beth, and Natasha from Kogi BBQ!!! Thanks for being so fun and cordial. Thanks to the Las Vegas Meetup Group!! Yeah VEGAS.

    The food was great and the people associated with Kogi BBQ are even Greater!!!

    Thanks again and let us know when you are headed to VEGAS!

    Alice, your shoes ROCK….White with gold trim, we loved them 0=)

    KogiBBQ Fan,
    Mark Anthony

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    kraff55 – did we get to meet? Don’t teLL me I MISSED you!

    Jim – that is the most awesome bLog post I’ve seen this week! (And I’ve seen a lot.) You make Roja look reaL good.

    Andrea – I wish we met! Then I couLd have fed you Beth’s cupcakes to thank you for coming. If ever you return, give me a head’s up fer sure!

    Mark Anthony – You are so uber sweet, I love you! And your wife Karen! And Christina! I was so happy I got to meet you and your famiLy, the whoLe energy of the group definiteLy made my night. As for my shoes – THANK YOU!!! I WEAR THEM EVERYWHERE!! They’re from this independent sneaker company caLLed Creative Recreations or something and I got them for 70% off. It was awesome.

    Like yer famiLy.

  6. Cris says:

    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I have been wanting to thank you for what you have provided us. I am one of the many who came out from Las Vegas, to try this new and “hip” thing.

    I have to tell with a very emotional heart, that this is not just “the hip thing” this is an overwhelming new branch in the cultural and culinary world. A relative of ours is a professional in traditional Mexican cooking of “taquizas” and “barbacoas” and this is like a new born child in comparison to what “we” do, if you will.

    I want to cry, this is so new and exciting and I don’t know what other words to even put this in. There are so many complex and comprehensive opinions to the politics of the palate in regards to appropriations, interpretations and bastardizing of foods – LORD know making Enchiladas with Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup is one of them – but this beyond and no where near that.

    Thank you for this. This interpretation surpassed my expectations and was more than a case of “imitation being the best form of flattery” to the taco.

    Congratulations in creating a new gift to the culinary world.

  7. chef roy says:


    Man you are deep my brother.
    But spot on!
    Your perspective is so fresh.
    Thank you and I think we need to travel the world together and eat some food.
    We can start with Singapore, Vietnam, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Morocco……………

    chef roy

  8. cavgas says:

    We just got tired of waiting for 1-1 1/2 hrs at the rowland hts. site and watching a bunch of teeneagers as well as adults joining their friends that were already in line. I counted about 23 people that just joined their friends before us that’s completly wrong. Common people know that you say hi to your friends and then keep going to the end of the line not just butt in in front of people that had been there waiting for so long.

  9. Uncle Roy says:

    That sucks…
    That’s why we try to bring two trucks out there to make it better for y’all.
    I will send a task force out there to try and control the crowd.
    Please give us another try, we got you.
    Rowland Heights, be nice……
    Kogi ain’t about cutting.

    Uncle Roy

  10. cavgas says:

    Uncle Roy, we have been there twice already and same problem, seems that people there have no manners at all. They just come like a herd and cut in, I come from a large family and I’m sure if I had done that, had at least about 30 family members joined me then they would see the unfariness. You might joke about it, but still shows no respect or is it right for me to just that when guys (trucks) come I just get in front of the line, it’s not the right thing to do. I’m sure it you were somewhere in line and then same thing happen as at row-hts site you wouldn’t be so happy or nice like your telling me to be. Your tacos might be too good eating, but it’s just disguting watchin how some people behave just like animals. 🙁

  11. Uncle Roy says:

    I was supporting you not making fun of you. You will know when I’m making fun 😀
    I was talking to the crowd and letting you know we will do our best to fix it.
    Read my piece again then hit me up…..

    Uncle Roy

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