T-Shirt Design Contest: WeLcome to the FinaL Five

But first of aLL, I wouLd like to congratuLate our 1st runner up finaList Drew FansLer for his design.  After 5-6 rounds of votes, the KoGi team has decided to go w/ his design for our first round of printing!

It’s universaLLy cooL, night-friendLy and pretty much captures the late-night crowd at pLaces like The Brig and 4100 Bar to a T.

ONWARDS PARA VOTO where winner takes aLL: $200 + Cut-in-Line Pass good for 1 month for a dude and 3 friends.

ArLene Ibañez

Natasha and Eddie particuLarLy liked this one.  They thought it was reaLLy cute and perfect for the summer barbecue season.  If you concur, vote for ArLene!

SaLLy Hwang
This was actuaLLy one of my particuLar favorites.  It’s a bit gritty and rough around the edges — just how we roLL!  If you’d aLso like to roLL this way, vote SaLLy, por favor.

Vincent ApostaL

It’s cLean, cLever and simpLe.  I like the idea of the fLame in lieu of the heart and just a nice, overaLL basic tee for those who don’t want anything particuLarLy fancy.  I think it makes for a friendLy summer shirt and wouLd look most especiaLLy nice on a tank.  Agreed?  Then save your vote for Vincent.

Reese Panganiban

And in case you weren’t sure, YES, that is Chef Roy in the driver’s seat!  I love how this thing is hand drawn so that you can see aLL the different kinds of personaLities waiting in line for a taco.  And the line extends on the back, too!  I thought that was way awesome.  You, too?  Then give Reese your vote!

ALbert Sohn

This just makes for an absoLuteLy beautifuL shirt.  Just the textures and choice of coLors — everytime I look at it I notice something new and different.  This is the kind of shirt that never goes outta styLe and is so quintessentiaLLy LA.  Find this design deLectabLy dericious?  Then make sure to cLick on ALbert’s name when it comes to throwing in your vote.

Speaking of voting…
BTW — you’ve got untiL 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time this WEDNESDAY to vote, cuz that’s when I’m coming in to coLLect.  Any votes made after 11:59PM Wednesday night wiLL not be counted.  Happy voting, dudes!

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to T-Shirt Design Contest: WeLcome to the FinaL Five

  1. Donna says:

    your survey isnt working =/

  2. kraff55 says:

    Hi Alice!

    SurveyMonkey says the survey is currently closed!

    Can we fix?


  3. mkm says:

    Pls fix the survey so I can get my vote on!

  4. Kenn says:

    Massive Fail. The “survey” is closed.

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Crap! Turns out Survey Monkey is onLy free up to 100 votes!

    No worries — just got fixed. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

  6. Phil says:

    working again. just voted…

  7. SpicyporkFTW! says:

    Props for giving props to the contestants!

  8. Kogi ftw says:

    Really like the first runner up’s, glad that its gonna be made into a tshirt too. It should have been one of the finalists.

  9. Remil says:

    When will the t-shirts be available?

  10. Alex Gardos says:

    [survey keepa screeming at me: you no gotta good formay ey?]
    albert sohn

    Bettah spirit…fo me Kogi about FEELIN da food not ’bout standin inna line although da one inna dark is dope! Gonna send a design or 2 u way even though no contest [jeeze deeze leetle keeds maka time go fly fly past deadline!] Tummy angels singing…

  11. Rick Takeo says:

    Hey Aliiiiiiice!
    I have a family owned silk screen business here in Los Angeles near downtown.
    I can definetly print these shirts up for you at a competitive price. Let me know. BTW… I have invested over 7 hours total in the Kogi line, once first in line, absolutely love the tacos!!

  12. Deezy says:

    Hey what t-shirt printing company do u use? and when are ur tees gonna be avalible?

  13. j0cey says:

    It’s been a while … how can we procure t-shirts? Any way of creating an online store for em?

  14. tshirtROCK says:

    With information from the news, I am finding a good site which provides free online grant applications.

  15. Timothy says:

    ugggghhhhhhh, why is every L capitalized??? I’m going insane

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  26. Mike says:

    YO. Why aren’t you guys out after 1am? You’d make a damn killing if you stayed out til 3 or 4 on Fridays and Saturdays..

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