Monday Mayhem – Yo, NYC! Guess Who We’re Riding With?

(That wouLd be our Marky Mark minus his funky bunch.)

Hey, NYC – we know you’ve been curious for a taste of KoGi and we aLso know that y’aLL can’t afford to pLunk down $1,200 for a ticket into City MeaLs on WheeLs, so Monday, June 8th, we’re gonna be bringing KoGi to you for one soLid hour courtesy of Jerome Chang’s Dessert Truck.

It’LL be the Dessert Truck parked out on Lexington and 55th, but once those doors fLip open, it shaLL be the KoGi crew on the inside. We’LL be there from noon-1PM and then POOF! we’re outta there.

We’re pricing a Dessert Truck/KoGi duo pLate around $1-2 and aLL proceeds shaLL be going back to City MeaLs on WheeLs.

Big ups to Jerome Chang for aLLowing aLL of this to transpire and Top Chef’s Lee Anne Wong for heLping us hu-man the griddLes.

NYC, let’s kick it à la ride-or-die styLe.

Love and tacos,

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  1. Anthony Ching says:

    To the guys and gals who make up KOGIBBQ, your outreach to assist
    MEALS ON WHEELS by turning New Yorkers on to what makes you KOGIBBQ
    deserves praise and recognition–at least I will be the one! Participating
    in the community–even though, it’s a long-distance community–broadens
    your spirit of bringing great food at casual prices for everyday people.
    Good luck and I know the New Yorkers will love it.

  2. Heather Gere says:

    All of us at Citymeals couldn’t be more excited to have you here and working the streets to raise money for our cause! NYC welcomes you with open arms. Can’t wait to meet you all…save a quesadilla for me…

  3. L Sun says:

    Kogi will unfortunately fail in NYC, only because New Yorkers hate everything that’s associated with Los Angeles (except the weather, lol).

  4. Mich says:

    Where exactly on Lex and 55th?? Only have a one-hour lunch and I’m comin’ up from way downtown for this heavenly stuff – I cannot friggin’ wait.

  5. tupakapoor says:

    i’ll be there!

  6. Abiel says:

    I just went, but the line was too long! I hope there is another NYC appearance sometime in the near future.

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  8. It was worth the wait! Enjoyed the Kimchi Quesadillas and definitely looking forward to having a permanent cart here in NYC!

    We also took tons of photos…Check out our blog:

  9. Brodey says:

    “Kogi will unfortunately fail in NYC, only because New Yorkers hate everything that’s associated with Los Angeles (except the weather, lol).” – L Sun

    Ignorance ain’t love L Sun, and we Angelenos have a hull’v a lot of pride in our Tacos, so much that ‘sometimes’ we refuse any form of Mexican/Mexican-mash-up food from outside of our little bubble b/c of our own pride & ignorance. but like I said, ignorance ain’t love – but a kimchi taco is.


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  11. yumtacos says:

    welcome to nyc, kogi!

    most importantly when is the nyc truck officially launching and where is it gonna roam?

    i live in nyc but have been following kogi on twitter for some time now. i am headed out to LA for a wedding later this summer and am planning my free time around waiting for kogi tacos. hopefully this does not sound as sad as it looks in print.

  12. Alex says:

    Hey Aliiiiice!

    Me and my friend Chris talked to you the other day while you were v-logging, we’re the kids from Long Beach! You guys should come down here!

    Anyway, I remember overhearing this conversation you were having with some other guys about this, and I think it’s great that you’re spreading your good food to the east coast, and for a cause like meals on wheels it sounds great. Spread the goodness around the world!


    P.S. You should figure your way out to Long Beach too; hint: it’s not anywhere near Culver City, so hopefully that’ll get you started!

  13. Jessica says:

    I was lucky enough to meet you guys in Koreatown on Saturday night(where the head Kogi truck guy told me about the exec. chef going to NYC)- then I was lucky enough to scoot my way in line and have the kimchi quesadillas again! I have been telling all my friends about you guys, hopefully they’ll get the chance like me to experience it on both coasts one day. 🙂 Keep up the great work, both in community and food spirits! Loves your stuff.

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