Make Yer Own KoGi Truck — and keep voting!

Muchas gracias to MichaeL Randois for this head’s up:

Yes, peopLes.  Now you can make your own KoGi Roja or KoGi Verde trucks.  Just print them out, deck them up and foLd accordingLy.

Thanks, goopymart.  Now I have a reason to live through Tuesday.  A REASON.  TO LIVE.

If you need frames of reference, here is KoGi Verde:

And here’s a taste of Roja:

As for an update on the contest…

Yep.  Reese Panganaban is totaLLy kicking everyone’s ARSE!!!  But who knows, it’s stiLL kinda earLy.  Y’aLL got tiL 11:59PM tomorrow to get your votes in, kids.

If you’d like to give the FinaL Five another looksee before voting, just scroLL on down a bit to the previous bLog post.

Love, tacos and paper trucks,


0 Responses to Make Yer Own KoGi Truck — and keep voting!

  1. Dru says:

    Whaoh, I musta missed when Roja got tagged up.

  2. @heyjuke says:

    only saw roja once when it appeared with verde in rosemead… and dang, I thought I was the first person to refer the link to paper taco trucks

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Dru – it’s stiLL tagged up!

    @heyjuke – hey dude, checked email first before twitter, so I gave the guy props for pointing me in the right direction. nice looking out, though!

  4. steve says:

    hi i saw kogi on the news. I live in Korea and im always looking for a taco place, but never could find one thats good. So one day i sat down and thought maybe i should make a taco truck like the ones i grew up with in k-town. So i talked to my friends and they said that they tried Kogi food and it was bomb. Im trying to say maybe we can get something together and maybe start one in Korea. where there is more and more foreigners always looking for good food. so let me know what you think. thanks.

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