Chewy ChocoLate Coconut Bar w/ SaLted ALmonds

Okay, aLL y’aLL need to get yourseLves summa Beth KeLLerhaLs’ dessert speciaL this week!  CUZ IT’S SO DAMN DERICIOUS.

Soft chocoLate cookie bar layered over w/ condensed miLk, coconut and roasted saLted aLmonds.  NormaLLy I’m not a fan of nuts, but they are crunchy — not hard, roasted — not raw and given a good lick of saLt to reaLLy bring out its fuLL fLavor and provide a good contrast to the chocoLatey, coconuttish, condensed miLk goodness.  And then she goes aLL Jackson-PoLLack w/ aLL that dark chocoLate to reaffirm that — heLL YES, there’s chocoLate in thar!

Tres doLares.

Love, tacos and chocoLate coconut aLmond bars,

P.S. For aLL those of youse you haven’t checked out that fanmade youtube commerciaL:


Dude — who needs to sheLL out a miLLion doLLars for advertising?  Our peopLes have us way covered!


0 Responses to Chewy ChocoLate Coconut Bar w/ SaLted ALmonds

  1. akaider says:

    that baby is gonna pop out kogi slider in hand

  2. armanisuit says:

    wow that looks dericious.

  3. Linda says:

    cool look yummy!!! you should have some side dish like some fries or something. could you come to highland park??? please… i don’t like driving…

  4. phillip says:


    Eagle Rock is just a few MINUTES away from you.
    See you Friday night???

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