Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Spam Kimchi Slider

    The American GI’s were the first ones to introduce Spam to Korea. Since then, it’s become ingrained into Korean culture and now you see it used in numerous ways from a breakfast meat to a … > Read More

  • Kogi Burger w/ Salted Watermelon

    Juicy mini burger made with prime ground beef patties, a dash of sesame mayo, and of course our famous salsa roja. And, as an added bonus, salted watermelon!

  • Chopped Pork Mulitas

    Like the little brother of the quesadilla packed with flavor and some of our own seasoned and chopped pork all inside of two small spinach and corn tortillas.

  • Korean Spicy Octopus

    We stewed the Octopus for 4 hours to get it nice and soft, grilled it in a thick and spicy sauce, and served it on a taco with a side of fried plantains and tangerines. If there’s one thing we … > Read More