Pork Belly with Lychee

Shame on you for missing this awesome special. Made with the delicious combination of Pork Belly, Lychee, and caramelized Kimchi. Truly, an original dish from Chef Roy to you.


5 Responses to Pork Belly with Lychee

  1. Shame on me, all of me’s indeed for missing this
    special awesomeness!
    so is this going to be @alibi again soon or what?
    Pork Belly is in my top 5 delicious bellys,,,mmmmm

    and Chef Roy is an original dish all together!

  2. JP says:

    Is the specials only served at alibi? I hope they are also served from Kogi trucks!

  3. armanisuit says:

    Pork belly with lychee? never heard of anything like that. Gotta try this one.

  4. I hate missing out on these specials, I hope it was a success so they’ll bring it back. <3

  5. SuperOxygen says:

    When are you guys doing your own restaurant?

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