Inside Out Ho-Dduk

These are sweet rice cakes with a sesame and brown sugar glaze.  Inspired and derived from the traditional Korean pastry ho-dduk, which is made of rice flour, cooked hot on a grill with a sweet honey and or carmelized sugar filling inside served piping hot.

This is one of the most elusive Kogi specials ever. Created on the second day of Kogi’s birth, only 3 people have ever tried this special. Maybe if you bug Roy enough at the Alibi Room, he’ll put it back on the menu.


12 Responses to Inside Out Ho-Dduk

  1. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:



    you peoples are KILLING me here in Brooklyn.


  2. sleephead says:

    finally, the alice kyrptonite has been found & dang
    this looks delicious….

  3. Katrina says:

    Please&Thank You(:

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi –

    When will you return to Rosemead… hopefully on a weekday? It’s been a while and we miss your truck terribly. We’re also interested in trying Ho-Dduk.

    Thank you!

  5. cherry says:

    DEFINITELY put this back on the menu, Roy!

  6. JQ says:

    Yes, put this back on the menu please!

  7. JP says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE put this back on the menu :d

  8. PL says:

    get LOOPT
    So I can Track the trucks!

  9. KoGiKrazzz says:

    Come to North HOllywood!!!!!

  10. j gold says:

    Actually, hotteok trucks are pretty easy to find in Koreatown. There’s one in the parking lot of the HK market on 5th and Western, which is fine, and the Flying Hotteok truck that parks on the east side of Western just below 8th Street, whose hotteok are absolute godhead. Godhead and evil both – the molten sugar inside the pancake is somewhere north of 300 degrees, and regulars love nothing more than to watch neophytes howl in pain. Before you get the hang of it, you will inevitably raise a monster blister on your lower lip.

    Can’t wait to taste Roy’s version.

  11. jennifer says:

    omg, BRING THIS BACK. pretty, pretty please?

    plus, the mention of loopt sounds pretty awesome too.

  12. peppermonkey says:

    dude is that the real jonathan gold replying? In any rate, I’ve been thinking about these things for a while now. Haven’t had once since kaju mak-ket used to fry them up for you outside the store …I will definitely be seeking these from both trucks. And the the burn your mouth thing is pretty common with all types of korean food. For some reason, we love everything scalding hot. I think there’s an extra layer of fire retardant skin on the roof of my mouth.

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