Fried Fava Beans and Pickled Ramps

As always, Chef Roy takes care of the vegans and vegetarians that love our Kogi flavor. Here we have a particularly green special with Fava Beans fried to a delicate crispy texture with a side of Pickled Ramps with our signature Salsa Roja drizzled on top.
Remember, these specials can only be had by chance, so be sure to ask about any “off menu” items. Who knows, you might just get lucky.


One Response to Fried Fava Beans and Pickled Ramps

  1. “Who knows, you might just get lucky.”
    Again Kogi you may me blush AND green with
    delicious envy…
    Chef Roy this looks good enough to eat and Eric, you
    photos seduce the palate and delight the imagination.
    Oh, and make me real hungry-like.
    To the alibi, damn the red lights and ambulances!!!

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